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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to Ellen!

It's been so much fun reading everyone's thoughts about going back to school on Facebook and Twitter these past few days.  So many of my friends, who now have children of their own, were wishing their little ones good luck or talking about first day jitters - as parents! 

My friend Sheba, a new mother, wonderful Montessori teacher, loyal and generous friend, budding photographer and avid reader (I love that geeky side of her) wrote about going back to school again as a new teacher.

My co-worker Melanie took a not so nice school memory and turned it into a new affirmation for herself.

And my brother Aneez wrote about a favorite teacher of his, Ms. Pisani, and the impression she made on him as a fourth grader.

Thank goodness for a Canadian public school education!  I am so thankful for all my teachers from North Bridlewood Junior Public School, JB Tyrrell Senior Public School and Sir John A Macdonald CI.  I'm not sure I fully appreciated the fact (back then) that all of you woke up everyday single day to teach me.  Me, who wasn't always so willing to sit in your class and learn and me, who sometimes (okay often) would have rather played euchre in the cafeteria.  I get it now and I appreciate you.

To all my teacher friends, I posted this image on Facebook a while ago and this week I salute you for choosing to take on one of the most important jobs in the world.  You are admired!

There is still one more thing to be thankful this time of year....

Thank goodness for Ellen DeGeneres!  She's back with Season 7 and I couldn't be happier!  Yesterday's show was great!  Who else has the guts to ask David Beckham if he has any tattoos on his body of her?  And how about that dance routine with the Top 10 dancers from So You Think You Can Dance?  I love love love love her!  Please write to her here and tell her to bring her show to Canada!


bklyn76 said...

aw faiza, you're too sweet! [i think my geeky side is my best side.]

as much as i love teaching, i'm so exhausted this week! the little guys are running me ragged!

so glad i've joined the pvr-phenomenon so i can record ellen everyday!

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