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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old School - 09-09-09

Henceforth....I hope I am using this word correctly.  I've always wanted to start a meeting or conversation or paper with the word henceforth.

So anyway - henceforth, if you should come across a blog post that starts with the title  "Old School" you will find a list of things I am thankful for that day.  This is how I used to scribble in my last gratitude journal, ending each day with a list of things I was thankful for.   (Remember these push pencils?  Once I thought using these would help me become a better diarist.)

For the auspicious 09-09-09 (yesterday being September 9, 2009) here's what I came up with:

1. Talking to my British cousin Shireen about her brother Faizal's upcoming wedding.  This took me back in time!  The days Karim and Aneez got married were among my favorite days EVER!  For me, as a woman, there was nothing that made me prouder of my brothers than seeing them find love and witnessing the moment they became someone's husband.  (There's a whole other type of warm and fuzzy that comes into play when you see your brother become someone's father.)  I'm so proud of my brothers for setting an amazing example of marriages filled with mutual respect, frienship, joy, love and trust.  Anyway, I went off on a tangent there, what I really wanted to say is that I am so excited for Shireen to get to see her brother become Nevin's hubby in about a month!

2. Getting a surprise visit from Dr. Naheed Kheraj (he hates when I call him by his full name - title and all - but I am super duper proud of him.) Dr. Kheraj was at Surrey Place Centre for a morning of teaching.  What could be better than starting your day with a hug from a wonderful friend?  And did I mention he has the best flossing discipline I've ever come across?  Just ask him!

3. Meeting my friend Rishma for lunch on 09.09.09.  Highlights of our lunch included a slice of margherita pizza for me and a primavera slice for her, cream soda (so unbelievably under rated no?) and digesting our food outdoors on a picnic bench with a cool summer breeze and great conversation.  Rishma even brought me a present to comemmorate 09.09.09!  She and her hubby have been celebrating these days since 02.02.02.  Come to think of it by 10.10.10 she'll be a mommy to a cute champion of a boy and a delightful little girl. 

4. Ending the day with my Mark.  When he got to my house he was blasting Pearl Jam's "Black" and rocking out in the driver's seat!  Yay Eddie!  Later we silly slow danced in my living room to Bill Wither's "Lovely Day."  (MM - Thanks for putting up with me.)


bklyn76 said...

what a great way to spend 09-09-09!

i need a more discipline in flossing.

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