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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Old School - September 11, 2009

Yesterday consisted of me fighting off some pesky September allergies.  Is anyone else out there battling seasonal allergies right now?  Yuk!  I seriously thought the day was going to be a write off.  However, during the first meeting of a new book club I've just started with some incredible women, wonderful things happened!

We met to talk about the book Beginner's Greek by James Collins.  It's a love story that takes many years, multiple mishaps, two marriages, one divorce, one death, a new baby, some weird corporate politics, an array of one dimensional characters and the saving grace of the fabulous back drop of New York City to finally become realized.  There were mixed reviews from the club and a few of us didn't finish the book.  Nonetheless, we had a great time.

Marta brought some amazing mini-mini-mini cupcakes from Parkdale's Yummy Stuff.  Hands down, these are the best cupcakes I've ever had!  Definitely something to be thankful for, no?

An insightful part of the evening for me came in the form of a simple Ho-Lee-Chow fortune cookie.  It stopped me in my tracks! 

I'm not sure why, but fortune cookies and horoscopes always get me to think about the things that I put out of my mind when I really should be paying more attention to them.   I immediately interpret a horoscope thinking to myself,

"Okay, it says that 'Mercury is going to be in my orbit three days from now and I need to create a clear landscape' I mean, OBVIOUSLY what this horoscope is telling me SO CLEARLY is that I really need to get my laundry this weekend and stop putting it off."

This tells me that whatever comes to mind first is actually something I should probably resolve within myself.  Soon.

Yesterday's fortune read, "We can learn from everyone, even our adversaries."  While thinking,  "I don't have any adversaries, someone's face popped so clearly into my head.  I thought about said individual and how s/he seems to get under my skin unlike anyone else I know.  Immediately I re-read the fortune and thought to myself, what on earth could I learn from this person?

I kinda smiled to myself.  It was not difficult at all to come up with at least three things that I admire about this person.  I can even name them.
1. S/he loves their family and treats them with respect and kindness.
2. S/he has a strong work ethic.
3. S/he is always kind, caring and loving towards children.

Next time I have to interact with this individual (I won't lie, I hope it's not anytime soon) but next time, I will be able to focus on the three things I admire about them instead of walking away feeling agitated, annoyed and disappointed.   So thank you to the Ho-Lee-Chow fortune cookie supplier and the writer who came up with this random fortune.  You deserve a shout out!


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