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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Speaking of Giraffes

Speaking of giraffes...did you know they are my favorite animal?

I didn't grow up with animals as part of my family.  (Karim and Aneez - That is meant to be a compliment to both of you.)  I have never known what it means to love and lose a dog or cat.  I never wanted a pony for my birthday.  If you went to a certain summer camp with me on Doe Lake circa 1997, you will remember how I singlehandedly AND accidentally was responsible for the death of 200 goldfish.

Nonetheless, I have always always been fascinated by giraffes.

I can count the giraffes in my life on one hand.  I have a gorgeous stuffed animal named Gerry the Giraffe given to me by my Mark along with two toy giraffe figurines and I also have a giraffe t-shirt.  Yup those are all the giraffes I have.  Today I am thankful for these beautiful leggy, graceful Africans.   They make me smile tall.  :)

Here are five interesting things you might want to know about giraffes:
  • They are indeed the tallest animal in the world.  (Yao Ming is only half the height of the average male giraffe. Don't fret Yao - I am roughly the height of an adult giraffe's neck.)
  • They eat about 140 pounds of food a day.  (That would be like eating my nephew Kahzmir up three times over - and he's so yummy that I've seriously thought about it!)
  • Giraffes actually only sleep an average of 60-90 minutes a day. (Probably because they have to leave enough time in their day to eat all that food.)
  • Male giraffes perform a type of dance to attract the female giraffe.  (Mark did the "worm" for me in his parent's basement when we first started hanging out.  It was quite impressive.)
  • No two giraffes have the same colouring and spots.  Each one is a unique and beautiful animal, just like you, just like me.  Thank God for that.
(The photos above are named "I Spy" and "Giraffe".  They are paintings by a gifted and most curious Canadian artist named Alicia Wishart.  I stumbled upon her art at Toronto's One of a Kind Show in December 2008.  Her paintings of giraffes were the first ones I had seen that were realistic and colourful without appearing childish and kitschy.  Alicia, whose talent is another thing for all of us to be thankful for, has an amazing appreciation for animals This is obvious through her art which you should absolutely check out here.  Look at her Events and Shows page and try to see her art in person if you can.  Your eyes will soak in all the colour and be so happy!)


Anonymous said...

sophie la giraffe is apparently the world's best selling teether! rgm

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