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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Supper Story - Swiss Chalet with Erin and Shafik

Had dinner last night with Shafik and Erin at the bizzaro Swiss Chalet at College and University.

When you first meet Erin, within minutes you are able to answer the question, "Please describe Erin in one word."   Your answer will be - "Brilliant!"

If you were sitting near us you may have overheard Erin passionately declare (with a bit of a glisten in her eyes) "I love McDonalds hashbrowns so much that if I died and you buried me in a gigantic hashbrown, I would wake up from the dead just to eat my way out of it."

So thankful today for good food and great friends!

PS.  Try the Chalet Chopped Salad at Swiss Chalet, it's delicious!


bklyn76 said...

bizzaro swiss chalet? do tell! i missed sc so much when i was in ny and now when i have it it just doesn't *do it* for me the way it used to...*sigh*

Faiza said...

bizarro because...
a) it's in the bottom of an office building
b) there are no senior citizens anywhere in the whole place - they are the heart of swiss chalet
c) after 5:30pm it's a ghostown, yet they seat everyone together on one side of the restaurant

you would love the chalet chopped salad...

Anonymous said...

After reading your blogspost & with all the muslim names,sister are they Halal food?

Faiza said...

not sure if the meat is halal. it's not a prerequisite for me.

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