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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I Love November.

I know I am in the minority when I make the statement "I heart moustaches!"

Hold on now...let me clarify.  I do not dig a Fu Manchu or Handlebar or anything of that sort.  I definitely prefer a clean shaven man.  Something about our cheeks kissing sans razor burn gets me everytime.

Let me further clarify.  It's no secret that I am unhealthily attached to Victor Newman...and his moustache. Just look at it!  It yields power and ruthlessness and deviousness.  I love to hate it - and hate to love it.

As evidenced in the photo below, when his upper lip is bald it's just not the same...

I'm convinced that Eric Braeden's contract demands a stylist and special products for his facial hair.  I like to pretend that that has something to do with his hiatus from The Young and the Restless at the present time.


Back to the topic at hand...we are deep in the midst of Movember and everywhere I look I see men in moustaches awkwardly navigating through their days and I can't help but smile...sometimes I even giggle a bit.  It's not a typo folks, it's Movember indeed.  Simply put, socially conscious men around the world cultivate moustaches throughout the month of November in an effort to raise funds and awareness for men's health issues - usually with a focus on prostate cancer.  I just can't help but feel grateful for the good old moustache.  I think the men who participate are wonderful and I salute them!   A high five to you all!  This month, if you see a pair of lips with a little more of a brow than you are used to, I hope it's because of Movember.

PS.  There's a man who sometimes takes the Bay #6 bus at the same time as me.  He's clearly embraced Movember.   I didn't have the heart to tell him that a bit of boscotti had taken up residence in his 'stache this morning...  Maybe tomorrow I'll thank him for making me start my day with a smile and some thanks!


Bianca J said...

Haha, such a cute post. I agree, my boyfriend has a moustache (more of a beard really) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a little moustache shaped necklace and I decided I'd wear it every day I went out in November this year, and then I broke the chain yesterday! :(
Thanks so much for joining up to the travelling journal. Email me your postal address some time ( and I'll make sure it gets forwarded onto the person who'll be sending the journal to you :) I sent the journal away yesterday and I'm feeling very nervous for it on its travels!

Faiza said...

What a great way to honour November! Happy day Bianca!

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