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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Snail Mail Tale - Cornelius Post Office

(2010 Vancouver Olympic stamps)

Sheba, another lover of snail mail, told me about this great project taking place at the Cornelius Post Office in Oregon.  She came across this post by Kerry Jeffrey in a Postcrossing forum:

       The Art of the Postcard - I just wanted to invite all Postcrossers to contribute a postcard to an upcoming event: Celebrating the Art of the Postcard.  Help the Cornelius Post Office celebrate the joy of small works of art and personal communication. Cornelius is a small town in Western Oregon, known for hazelnuts, blueberries and vineyards. Here at the local post office we noticed that for visitors there was no way of sending a local postcard to share the cool things about this unique little town. We’re working on that! Share your postcard with us and get one of the ones we are producing!  
Exhibition: Begins January 11, 2010 in the lobby of the Cornelius, OR Post Office. Make sure to include your return address to receive one of our postcards in return and to be included in the list of participants.  Send your postcards to:
1639 Baseline Street
Cornelius, OR 97113

If you love snail mail like I do and want to get some back, consider taking part in this great project!  Below are some custom made postcards that I sent the Cornelius folks. What a great initiative in encouraging communication across the globe through a simple postcard. Your postcard may be featured on their blog as well.

I love the quote below.   Sometimes something as small as flexing a few muscles into a smile can make all the difference.
This Gandhi quote reminds me of my parents.  They put loving their family and serving their community above all else.
This is a postcard I designed for all my Postcrossing adventures.  Did you ever imagine that a postcard could be all of these things?  
One of my favorite quotes.  Something I see happening every day in my job working with volunteers.
I first read this quote on my niece Rehaana's Facebook page a couple of years ago.  She loves people and the earth.  It's inspiring that someone as young as her understands what is truly important in life.
I'm lucky to be able to make a living while making a life in the work that I do.
Also got some great pictures in the mail from Karim, Minaz and Kahzmir.  How can you not SMILE?  Another example of why I love snail mail!


Karim Kanji said...

Thanks for the props!

Faiza said...

Thanks for the pic!

christy b., that's me! said...

I love all these cards...and the quote by Gandhi is on of my faves!

Faiza said...

@christy b - thank you friend!

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Postcards are a great way for people to express their emotions towards each other. I recently received a postcard from my wife, of all people, with a lovely message. We were almost on the brink of separation because of my ED problems, but sildenafil citrate pills fixed everything up.

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