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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thankful for Bubblewrap?

My cousin Shamir posted this video of my nephew Aidan finding joy in bubblewrap!

Oh c'mon, you know you've had a dalliance or two popping bubble wrap.  Are you a random popper like newcomer Aidan?  Or methodical and seasoned popping bubble after bubble, row after row? Personally, I can't wait until Aidan figures out how to roll a chair over the wrap for maximum poppage!

It is too cute!   The best part is the soundtrack of Shamir giggling....

Take a look for yourself...I dare you not to smile! Click on this picture of Aidan and you'll see the video for yourself.


rachel awes said...

i AM smiling. he is ADORABLE!

bklyn76 said...

he is too cute!

personally, i like to roll my bubble wrap up and multi-pop. but then i feel like i'm *wasting* pops so i revert back to single-bubble popping. it's something i struggle with.

Faiza said...

R - he is too adorable and he has a little brother who is just as happy as he is!

S - i was so looking forward to hearing what method you prefered. i knew you would have something funny to say!

Lisa said...

I personally like popping each bubble one at a time, by hand, but this firework-like method is great, too! I love the end when he's popping and clapping all at once!

Melanie Jane said...

Okay so here is a secret about me... loved it so much as a kid, when grown up me got my ipod touch -- I got the bubble wrap application! I can pop whenever I want now!! Come see it one day.

Faiza said...

@lisa - love the term "firework method" that is exactly what it is!

@melanie jane - i love that you are still such a kid at heart. love it!

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