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Friday, February 12, 2010

A is for Arrivals

Alphatudes by Michele Wahlder is set to be released in March 2010.  Wahlder explores gratitude through the 26 lovely characters of the alphabet that make up gorgeous words like friendship, compassion, and zerbert.  (That last word would be a perfect bingo in Scrabble but sadly it has not graduated out of the urban dictionary.)  These same letters band together to create melodic phrases like "I love you" and "Mom, I need a hug" and "Would you like fries with that?"

My friend Tez has just started a new blog and is embarking on her own Alphabet of Gratitude.  We talked about it late one night while discussing love, family, lip gloss, cheetos and our friendship with each other.  Read about her first post on apostrophes. 

I'm going to take a stab at my own run through my 26 literary friends.

So to begin...
via Babble n' Blog
 A is for Arrivals.

My brother Aneez (another A for whom I am ridiculously grateful) once told me that he loved to people watch at the arrivals gate - in any airport.  I think of him each time I see the airport montage scenes in the movie Love Actually.  It's the scene where you hear Hugh Grant's voice (as Prime Minister of England of course) saying "Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport." 

The arrivals area is a fascinating study in human behaviour and love.  I can only really remember greeting loved ones at the airport and here's what I notice about myself: 

  • I always have a book with me.  I tend to show up early when meeting others and to pass the time, I'll get a few pages read here and there.  You will never see me reading at the arrival's gate.  I'm too excited to do something self soothing like reading.
  • For some reason, the anticipation of waiting to connect with a loved one makes me feel as though I have to disconnect from everyone around me. Kinda strange no?  I feel as though no one could have more longing than I.  How could they?
  • I do everything humanly possible to get a great vantage point so I can see my loved one the moment the doors swing open and they burst through the gate.  If it's crowded, I'll find someone shorter than me.  Park myself behind them.  Take a deep breath. And wait.
  • At the same time, I need my space.  Who knows how long I will be waiting with eagerness? However long it'll be, I need to have room to tap my toes, sway from left to right to left and back again.  It's the Arrivals Gate Dance. I choreographed it myself.
  • I also do this thing where I avoid eye contact with every other person in the arrivals area.  However, I secretly cheer them on and am so happy for them if their loved one arrives before mine.  I often catch myself smiling at the very people who I try to distance myself from just as they are on their way out the door. 
Even though I can be a complete dork while waiting for loved ones at the airport, it's nothing short of uplifting when someone's flight lands and they are greeted with a sigh of relief, a hug that lasts a few seconds longer than usual, a goofy smile, high pitched hellos (in any language,) choked laughter and tears, beautiful flowers, kitschy ballooons or homemade signs.  (Valet signs can even do the trick!)

Aneez once came off his plane from England holding a sign that said "MOM?"   Thank you Motabhai for teaching me to see the arrivals gate in a whole new way.  It is a place filled with longing, love and promise.


bklyn76 said...

is it weird that i got teary-eyed reading this post? <3

tez said...

Just perfect. x

Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - nope. you were probably think of a certain someone that you get to pick up tomorrow! woot!

@tez - love you.

rachel awes said...

your heart & your writing are shining how you wrote "i feel as though no one could have more longing than i. how could they?". ooooh, your transparency is ART. and your life is GIFT. thank you dear one.

Kimminita said...

What a lovely blog. It really does make the world a better place. I thank swap-bot for assigning your blog to me for following.

Doublesided said...

Oh i got goose bumps reading this post! I love the arrivals hall too! I used to live near the airport and once spent the day just watching people arrive. I look forward to reading more, thanks to swapbot for pairing us up!
Doublesided on swapbot.

Lady Rose said...

This is LadyRose from Swapbot and You have a lovely blog.

Felicity said...

I'm FelicityLingle from swap-bot and i'm following you now.

Faiza said...

@rachel - my life is the most wonderful GIFT. how did i get so lucky?

@kimminita - thank you for visiting. your blog has inspired to me to take a closer look at ATCs...

@Doublesided - so nice to meet you. your Inchie Houses rock!

@Lady Rose - hello! got any oscar picks?

@Felicity - happy day to you. love your drawings. hope to see more!

TR!LO said...

Hi Faiza,

Thank you for your lovely comment on my entry! As you can see I am following you too, even though you are noy on my partner list! I like your blog!
Do you have children too?

See you soon I hope!
xxTR!LO (Eva)

Faiza said...

@TR!LO - hello! i don't have kids but i have the BEST parents ever! have a lovely day!

Sarah said...

I'm e2java from swap-bot and I really am enjoying your blog. You have s great way with words - I love your description of waiting for someone at the airport. I always bring a book or buy a ridiculously expensive magazine and spend most of my time watching and waiting. I'm looking forward to following you!

Loles said...

Hi there! I'm solsuny from swap-bot, and now i'm following your blog. I'm glad i find it!
Have a nice day!

lil Me said...

Hello, this is 84kitty from swap-bot, I am really enjoying your blog

LavenderStarfish said...

hi Faiza,

I´m Beatrice, aka Lavenderstarfish. I really enjoyed your blog and your recent post. Can´t wait to read more of you in the future.

"Be my blog follower!

Megan said...

Oh I love the arrivals area too. I think that you summed it up wonderfully. I love seeing families be reunited.I will definitely stop by and check out your friends blog.

Faiza said...

Thanks M! Hope your week ahead is wonderful!

Coleen Franks said...

Faiza, Just changed the name of my blog. I'm following your blog. Would you follow mine? Then I can get directly to yours from mine.


Marz said...

WOW Faiza you captured the feelings I have about the arrivals gate perfectly!!! :) I LOVE this post!! It's so neat how we thought the same things - I felt like it was me saying everything you wrote. Only you say it much better. I can tell by just this one post how talented of a writer you are - this was just lovely!

Faiza said...

@Marz - Thanks so much! I thought we were on the same wave length!

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