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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shopping bag wisdom

I forgot my book at home (Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes) and my iPod was juiced out.  I turned to my neighbour on the Bay #6 bus and read her Lululemon bag.  (I don't care for the store but the bag is cool!)  There was one phrase on it that I've been thinking about ever since...


I think about the people in my life who inspire, challenge and amaze me and this rings true.  They have mastered self-love and in turn face the world with their heads up, arms out, eyes hopeful and hearts open.

I love letters.  I love words.  I am huge fan of quotes.  I get so excited when the exact right combination of letters and words melt together to form the perfect lyric or when a few simple words placed in a certain order makes me stop and think.  Is there a piece of prose, a quote or a lyric that has made you stop and think?


bklyn76 said...

wow, that quote is so thought-provoking...definitely makes me think of how i've been feeling about life these days.

there are so many songs/poems that i love, but today i was heard the chris brown song *forever* on the radio and was so torn b/c the lyrics are so sweet, but i couldn't help thinking, "how could he sing that song and hit the woman he loved?" i wish i could sing this song to e without thinking of chris's history.

Karim Kanji said...

Hey Faiza!

Really been enjoying your blog!

I'm a big fan of Bono, U2, and more recently after his Q interview with Jian Ghomeshi, Jay-Z.

So I realy like their new collaboration on "Stranded" for the Hope for Haiti casuse. One of the lines in the song is, "For hands to help
Not just to pray."

I love it when Bono challenges people with his lyrics.

Ok. Back. To. work.


Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - i sometimes feel that way about john mayer. love his music and lyrics (especially his guitar playing) but am not really interested in him as a person. funny that the person delivering a message can change the meaningfulness of it and alter it's impact.

@Karim Kanji - Thanks for the compliments big brother. I almost added a p.s to my blog inviting you to tell me which Bono lyric you liked best so I'm not surprised that you quoted one of his tunes. I like the lyric you mentioned. Good call.

Sylvie said...

Too funny - I feel the same way about Lululemon, love the bags but not the store. Their things look so nice, but so pricey. I get the Joe Fresh things instead - groceries and fun clothes all at once, it doesn't get any better!

Faiza said...

@Syvlie - LOL! I think 50% of my wardrobe is Joe Fresh! Am wearing a Jo Fresh sweater right now! I lovelovelove their workout stuff!

rachel awes said...

love the bag & quote you shared! i have a notecard i received from a friend sitting on my dresser that says "be as persistent as the sun".
that one is speaking to me lately. many warm rays your way, dear one.

Faiza said...

@rachel - that really speaks to me too.

btw - your blog post today definitely brought sunshine into my life.

Lisa said...

Hi there--I love letters, words, and quotes too, Faiza! And I love Bono/U2!

Here are three of my FAVORITE quotes:

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

"The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum." Frances Willard

"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well." Diane Ackerman

I have SO many quotes and words I love! Actually, the author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal that created The Beckoning of Lovely--asked on Twitter, what people's favorite words were. I had a hard time with that. I responded with a few--> "make-do" (which I said I didn't know if that qualified as "one word") moxie and pocket.

I am requesting a Greatest Hits album by Bill Withers from our library, to hear the song your blog is named after--What's your favorite song, if "Lovely Day" is your second favorite song? : )

Thanks for sharing this shopping bag wisdom...great insight--there should be more reusable bags with quotes like this--making the world a more lovely and thoughtful place. Thanks for sharing your reflections on gratitude here!

Faiza said...

I love all those quotes Lisa. I hadn't heard any of them and each one is terrific! Thanks so much for giving me some food for thought tonight.

My favorite song is by Prince and is called "Diamonds and Pearls." Let me know what you think of Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

Have a great day Lisa.

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