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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My mailbox runneth over...

Have you ever missed someone's face?

Not their voice or their company. Not their embrace nor their words of comfort. Quite simply their face and the happiness it brings you?  Lately, I've been feeling that way about a few people.  I haven't seen my Tez in awhile.  This is nothing new seeing as she lives as far away as she possibly can from Auckland, New Zealand.  Tez actually lives in the future.  She's TGIFing already and I am wrapping up Thursday.

I haven't seen Sheba in what feels like forever.  She is a part of my daily life on the phone, email and BBM.  It hasn't been enough, I miss her face.

Today was a beautiful, sunny, green day in Toronto.  As I was soaking it up and giving thanks for the heat from the sun, there was this cloudy little part of me that was missing some beautiful faces.

I arrived at home today and a concierge called out to me, "Hey luckiest girl in the world!"  He told me I had two packages at the front desk and a jammed packed mailbox.  He went on to say that all he got in the mail was a notice from Revenue Canada notifying him that he owes taxes this year.

Here's what reached out to me today...
 (Today's mail.  I had to sift through the normal Thursday junk mail to get to these.)

First, I opened a bright yellow envelope. It was covered in Easter themed stickers and inside there was a hilarious Easter card from Zaheera - my Ismaili Muslim friend.  Neither of us celebrates Easter but for the love of snail mail - she sent me a card anyway.  Loved it!   (To all of you who will be recognizing Easter, I hope that it is a day of reflection and love.)  Thank you for the laugh Z!

Next up, was a beautifully written letter and some colourful postcards from Bianca.  The envelope was a re-purposed page from an astrology book.  There was a retro looking astronaut on the front and a great zodiac print on the back. So excited to write back to her!

These red envelopes always put a smile on my face. Here we have my latest movie!  I just finished reading Lori's bookclub pick for April, James Ellroy's The Black Dahlia.  I decided I'd watch the movie as well and it arrived today!

A perfect postcard to welcome spring this weekend.  Thanks Megan!  With daylight savings and springing forward, its dark outside when I wake up and go to work.  I'm putting this postcard on my bedside table.  When I wake up, I can be reminded of the sunshine that is awaiting me later in the day.

Someone dropped these books off for me at my concierge's desk.  They didn't leave a note or their name.  I have no idea who you are but THANK YOU!  (Anyone read either of these books?)

And then I received Meghan's Stationery Swap package.  Let me start by saying that she didn't even have to send me anything.  Getting her as a partner in the swap has been more than enough for me.  Here is what I know about Meghan:
  • She's hilarious!  
  • She loves her family and friends and finds genuine joy in their triumphs.  
  • Meghan has one of the most important jobs on earth - high school teacher - in Chicago.  
  • She is crafty and creative and I'm pretty sure that she must dream in colour.

The first thing I found in the package was a set of Hallmark Inspirational Messages.  The first card in the deck read,  "The world is conspiring in your favour."

I burst into happy tears when I read that.  Everything I had been feeling today washed away and I felt so very taken care of.

If that wasn't enough, the next thing I found were these Confetti Garden Sticky Notes. I am going to have so much fun with these!

Another cool set of sticky notes, smiley face stickers, vintage style "telegrams" and great postcards showcasing Chicago.

Thank you cards!  These are going to come in handy very soon!

A super cool set of magnets, a travel diary and four awesome gel pens.  How timely!  I start my vacation and travels in just 8 days! This diary is coming with me!

Perfect double sided paper for letter writing.   

Thank you everyone for the swell of today's mailbox!

Meghan - Your package arrived at the perfect time and I can't wait to share all these goodies! I'm so overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness.  With gratitude...


Zoë said...

That's such lovely mail, Bianca makes the most awesome envelopes I think (from the posts I've seen) and a great stationery package! Are you looking for any more penpals by the way? I've been stalking your blog and I think it's awesome and since you are a fellow Canadian it would give us a chance to use up some domestic postage ;) Let me know, either way I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know I enjoy your blog!

Faiza said...

@Zoe - Thank you so much.
You actually read my mind. I've already sent something your way. Seeing as I suck at surprises, all I can say now is stay tuned! :)

Micaela said...

I LOVE your happy mail! :) and the books! how cute you have no idea where it comes from. i loveeee stationaries!!! what a fun swap huh?


rachel awes said...

this is a mailbox of DREAMS (even better, COME TRUE)! oh faiza, i am tickled bright yellow for you. thank you for sharing this scrumptious pile! lots of love to you!

Faiza said...

@micaela - super fun swap. am very curious as to who left those books for me...

@rachel - i'm extremely ticklish! love and love to you too.

Meghan said...

I am SO glad you liked your package! YAY!!! I was so nervous about it - I wanted it to be just perfect for such a bright, positive person:) Oh, and I apologize for the envelope - I tried to get super crafty like you and everyone else who sends those amazing letters/envelopes - so I apologize if it looked like a child did it:) I am so glad you are feeling better and I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Felicity said...

I'm going to link to your blog in a post next week. I wanted to give you a "heads up." Fun stuff!

Zoë said...

That's pretty funny! I can't wait to get it :)

Faiza said...

@meghan - it was more perfect than perfect. am still so overwhelmed. WOW!

@felicity - very cool! thanks for letting me know.

@zoe - let me know when you do...

bklyn76 said...

oh my, what a lucky girl you are! i miss your face profusely but try not to think about how we haven't seen each other in ages and you'll be going away soon. you're always in my heart tho, which makes it a bit easier!

i was just talking about "snow flower" with's on my list to read and now i know who i can borrow it from. ;)

meghan's hallmark msg was so perfect for you. love you, my friend.

tez said...

hey sweetie,

i miss your face every second of every day... but like sheba said, you're always in my heart too, so it gets me through.

i read 'snow flower' a couple of months ago - i really liked it but it took me some time to get through. i think it's a sit down and read it large chunks book - which i didn't have the time for then. regardless, great book.

i've got 'a place called here' somewhere in this place called here - louisa's read it and she didn't love it, but i'm still keen to give it a read.

there just may be more in your mailbox soon... but you'll probably be away, so it's something to come home too. :)

love you x

Faiza said...

@sheba - i think i'm pretty much the luckiest girl in the world! love you too.

@tez - thanks for the tip on snowflower. will save it for a summer's day at centre island. love you!

ecologic storyteller said...

Oh so many beautiful things! Did you already started any of the books? I love to exchange books, I'm a bookworm and love to feel the magic to get a book without knowing each one it is.

Plus, love the stationery and the card with the nymph. I'm not sure if it is a nymph, but it looks like *ah ah*

Have a great weekend,


Faiza said...

@Joana - I haven't started either book yet but am looking forward to doing so. wish i knew who they came from too!

Nicola said...

I only just came across this post but wanted to say Thank you! I read "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" a while ago - loved all of it! Then I forgot about it up until I saw it in the picture. Thank you so much for reminding me of great book =)
Take care,

Faiza said...

Nicola - My pleasure! What are you reading now?

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