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Monday, March 29, 2010

P315 HKR

Arrived in England safe and sound very early Saturday morning after a very comfortable and friendly night flight.   I had the whole row to myself and although the arms rests didn't go up between seats, I enjoyed the privacy.  I passed the time on the flight by watching the 2009 version of Fame and listening to a radio channel that was all Queen.  I'm pretty sure that I will never get sick of their music. 

Aneez met me at the airport and on the drive to Basingstoke, we saw this guy on the motorway...

A funny thing happens to me in England (other than the fact that I seem to think in an English accent.) Whenever I'm in the car, I have this habit of looking for words and hidden meanings in license plates.  Pictured below, the PieShaker, Aneez and Vanessa's car.

Aneez, Vanessa and I spent the day in Guildford's town centre.  Vanessa treated me to my first Fanta Orange.  (I'm still trying to polish it off.)  I also bought a book on shadow puppets and a cute purse pack of mini-markers - perfect for snail mail on the go.  We made a quick pitstop at ASDA on our way home when Aneez made his first cheesy joke...he loves to play on words and is the King of Puns.  He saw the two cars below and said to me,

"Look at those two nerdy cars, USB and PDF."    
GROAN!!   Kudos to my sister-in-law Vanessa who has been putting up with these jokes for 13 years!

Saturday night, we took the train into London to celebrate Laura's birthday.  At Waterloo station, I saw this modern version of a mullet.  Besides, losing my family, my biggest fear is going to the hairdresser and leaving with a mullet...does this qualify as a mullet?

After a riveting game of Jenga Extreme (Aneez won and he would want me to note that) and drinks with a mostly Australian crowd (such a friendly people) we headed home.  A perfect first day of vacation!


bklyn76 said...

sounds like you're having a fab time! [i still miss you tho...]

um, what kind of plane has stationary armrests?

was that your first EVER fanta? you were missing out!

Krin said...

You're hilarious! Enjoy your trip...and I'll be sure to check in on your posts along the way.

Please visit a Boots location for me...

HAVE FUN!!! xoxo

Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - having a great time!
Fanta Orange is my absolute FAVORITE drink. that was just my first one of this trip. not to worry though, Aneez and I just bought a six pack!

@Krin - i was at Boots today! i had too much stuff in my hands so i left. i shall return tomorrow just for you!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness that mullet is horrific haha.
So glad you arrived safely, and got awhole row to yourself that is unheard of. Have a great time.

Meghan said...

I love it! From the license plates to the mullet, it sounds like you are having an amazing trip! I cannot wait to hear more!

Lisa said...

Faiza, I love the license plates observations! I do that, too! But I don't know if I would have noticed the ones you shared here--Awesome! Hope you're having a good time in England. If you didn't receive it before you left, you should find something from me in your mailbox when you arrive home. It wasn't my best work, I will do better next time! I was in hurry to get it out to you. By the way, I'm guest blogging for Amy Krouse Rosenthal, hosting a "show and tell" this week--If you have time, and feel inspired to share, please stop by and comment there. (that rhymes!) I will have another post up tomorrow with a bit of music.

Faiza said...

@Megan - Thank you! I'm having a great time!

@Meghan - You would love it here. Have you ever been here before?

@Lisa - Way to go on the guest blogging post. I will check it out for sure! Can't wait to see what is waiting for me in my mailbox...

Krin said... sure to take pics of your Boots purchases for me!! I got the cutest little travel kleenex packs last time I was there. They made me strangely happy!!

Melanie Jane said...

I cannot wait to hear more -- have a fantastic time --

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