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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Patty and Melanie

I got some wonderful surprises in the mail!  First was a lovely letter and cheerful envelope from my blogging neighbour and new pen pal Patty at Just Letter Rip.

Patty is a snail mail enthusiast like me and she carefully crafted this gorgeous envelope from the cover of the USA Philatelic catalog.  She blogs about her snail mail adventures and is constantly sharing her creativity.  One of her goals this year is to write 365 letters.  I was the lucky recipient of letter #54!  I so appreciate her crafty effort and her letter.  I can't wait to write back to her.  Patty is American and in her letter she asked me about the Olympics and even wrote "Go Canada!"  I thought about her during the 2010 Men's Gold Medal Hockey game on Sunday.

I also got this postcard in the mail from my workmate and blogosphere neighbour Melanie.

Melanie read about my Postcrossing adventures and signed herself up.  She created this postcard to send out all over the world.  I love the message on the front.  I feel so empowered when I think about what it means to me.  She's about 50 steps away from me at work and took the time and energy to mail me a postcard with the kindest words written on the back.

Thank you Patty.  Thank you Melanie.


Megan said...

Oh i just love mail! I was Patty's #56

Faiza said...

@Megan - Patty has the most beautiful handwriting and writes a great letter! Happy day to you!

Patty Davidson said...

Writing gives me great pleasure and I'm glad you ladies enjoyed your letters. I'm so excited to make new penpals and can hardly wait to hear from you. Happy Mail to you.

Faiza said...

@Patty - Happy Mail to you too! postman loved your envelope.

bklyn76 said...

i just read a similar quote to the one you posted on kind over matter...hmmm, seems like a sign. i wonder what phil booth would say?

Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - yes that same quote is on kindovermatter right now too! phil booth would be excited for us all!

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