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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brighton by the sea...

I've fallen in love with Brighton.

This fresh, welcoming, eclectic, colourful, open minded, artistic town that hugs the English Channel (just across from France) will forever have a place in my heart.  I travelled to Brighton by train on Thursday afternoon to see my cousin Anisha and her daughter Maya.  The views from the train were lush with green fields and peaceful between sun showers and calm skies.  As we got closer to Brighton, the energy amongst people on the train and in the air became almost electric.  Anisha and Maya greeted me at the train station with a lovely milk chocolate Easter bunny in hand.  We had lunch at Harry Ramsdens by the Brighton Pier.  My first proper fish and chips experience in England and my first taste of mushy peas....sooooooooooo good!

After lunch, we walked along the sea and took turns yelling into the crashing waves.  It's no wonder the people of Brighton have a reputation for being laid back.  The crisp sea air, the mist from powerful waves and the sound of the water kissing the rocky shore are melodic and calming.  Here I am, feet firmly planted on the shore.

Maya had a great time on the shore.

Anisha and Maya outrunning the waves!
We walked through The Lanes on the way home.  They are streets upon streets of narrow walkways filled with shops and restaurants.

via webshots

All of the storefronts have a uniqueness and charm about them. This clothing store was one of my favorites to look at.  It's decorated with old fashioned, painted sewing machines.

Anisha and I ended the day at her neighborhood pub, the Open House.  Pub culture in Brighton is very communal and inclusive.  There were strollers and children running about on one end while two or three generations of families enjoyed a pint together on the other end.  Students studied in one corner and a book club met in the other. 

One thing to remember when ordering prawns in a pub over here is that they will likely come with the shell and heads still on...


bklyn76 said...

what a perfect little town! great pics, faiza!

um, gross about the prawns...

Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - thought about you a lot in brighton. definitely a place i would have loved to see through your eyes. i keep forgetting to take pictures, i am just too overwhelmed by everything around me!

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