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Thursday, April 22, 2010

ek, do, tin

Elissa at cerebral excrement was tagged by Bianca at Good Night Little Spoon in this petite questionnaire.  Elissa is my favorite haiku poetess so when she tagged me, I couldn't refuse.

Three names I go by:
- Fui
- Bhen
- Faiz

(from one of my favorite movies!!!)

Three jobs I've had:
- Cashier at Bulk Barn - To date this has been one of my favorite jobs EVER!  I loved memorizing all the codes for the various products.
- Blue #3 (yes that was my name) in the children's choir for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat starring one Mr. Donny Osmond - This was one of the best spring/summers of my life!
- Currently, Manager of Volunteer Services at Surrey Place Centre - an incredibly supportive, caring, meaningful and FUN place to work.

Three places I've lived:
- Ajax-Pickering, Ontario - the motherland...
- Moulton Hall  - 4th floor corner room with the beautiful Suzie
- The Athletic Club in Genoa City (but only in my mind)

Three favourite drinks:
- Fanta Orange! (I'll take any kind but it's perfection when in a glass bottle !)
- McDonalds' orange drink with no ice - Sadly, McDonalds discontinued this drink to make room in their taps for Coke Zero.  My  heart is still recovering...
- Pink Lemonade

Three TV shows I watch:
- The Young and the Restless
- Glee
- Brothers and Sisters

Three places I've been:

- The catacombs of Paris
- Dancing on stage with Barry Manilow and his stagehands
- Comfortable in my very own skin!

Three places I'd like to visit:
- Wherever Karim or Aneez are on any given day
- Uganda with Mom and Dad
- The Ellen Show!

Three favourite old TV shows:
- Magnum PI
- The Cosby Show
- Family Matters

Three favourite dishes:
- Mom's channa bateta
- Thai Islamic noodles at Salad King
- Dragon Rolls

Three things I'm looking forward to:
- When Aleem calls me in the next day or so to tell me he's a Dad...
- Meeting my future niece or nephew - ETA - September 1, 2010
- When my Dad FINALLY fully retires!

Three make-up products I cannot live without:
- mint ChapStick
- moisturizer
- my SIGG bottle - water is my beauty secret

Three superpowers I wish I had:
- Teleportation
- Ability to speak any language at any time
-  Whatever is running through my Mom's veins.  She has the most incredible amount of energy and love. 

Three places I love to shop:
- Chapters - Indigo
- Pretty much any dollar store in the land
- Primark

Three pets I've had and their names:
I've yet to have a pet that lives longer than 10 days...I am shamed....

Three bands I'd want to see on a festival line-up (as if I could pick just three):
KD Lang in the afternoon
Florence and the Machine just as the sun is setting
Tina Turner under the moon

Three favourite comfort foods:
- I don't discriminate...anything with a potato in it will do!

Three songs currently on rotation:
- Diamonds and Pearls by Prince - It has been in the rotation since I first heard it in 1991.  Thankfully, I can listen to it on repeat instead of playing the tape, taking it out, rewinding it and putting it back in the tape deck.
- Black and Gold by Sam Sparro but loving the Ellie Goulding version too.
- Flower duet from Lakme - I love to listen to this every year in the spring.

Three people I'm tagging:
Sheba at Perpetual Bounce
Zoe at In the Next Room
Micaela at Dolce Vita

Three categories I could have rocked:
- Three favorite quotes
- Three things I wish for the person who tagged me
- Three things that come in three


Bianca J said...

I LOVED reading this! :D I have never ever seen a mint chapstick and I think I'm going to have to scour the interwebs today to try find one. Yum! Your festival line up sounds lovely, I especially liked the order. <3!

bklyn76 said...

woah, i learned so much about you reading this! and every single thing made me smile. i didn't think you could get any better than what i already knew.

ok, off to think up my witty/creative answers!


Megan said...

Its always nice to learn new things about other bloggers. I have been to the catacobs in Rome such an amazing experience. I will have to put Paris on the list. Oh and Primark, love it. I need to do this tag too from Bianca, hopefull tonight.

Felicity said...

That's awesome about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat! How did you get involved in that? It's one of my favorites! And love the picture of the catacombs!! : )

Tima said...

Think my favourite part is the due date for baby Kanji! ;)

Faiza said...

@Bianca - I'll send you a mint ChapStick in my next letter!

@bklyn76 - can't wait to read your answers!

@Megan - I went to Primark 10 times when I was in England...seriously! And I bought something every single time!

@Felicity - my music teacher in grade 8 heard about auditions for the musical and put together a choir that auditioned for it. we auditioned and got in and had the BEST summer of our lives.

@Tima - mine too! woot!

Juliette Crane said...

such fun reading this! and i just adore the photos to go with. i'm happy to have found your blog and can't wait to stop back again and see more!

best wishes to you!

christy b., that's me! said...

The Princess Bride...such a staple of my "teen" years!

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