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Monday, April 5, 2010

Ground or Mound

The Toronto Blue Jays 2010 Season Opener versus the Rangers takes place today in Texas at 2pm EST.   I'm in England at the moment.  Aneez and I plan to watch the game on  We have our Twizzlers and snacks in hand and are ready for baseball season to begin.

Many people think baseball is quite boring to watch. I will admit that I've been to a snooze of a game or two but most of them are tons of fun! I love the atmosphere at a game, the people watching and the company kept. On a particularly beautiful spring or summer day, you can watch your favorite team play and soak up the sun at the same time.  There are families in attendance and little kids get to scream at the top of their lungs with pure joy at the end of not one - but two national anthemns. The tradition of it all is fascinating.  There are the Japanese fans who come with their expertly painted signs of support and the thrill of each pitch at a full count is wonderful!

The Kanjis love the baseball.  On a trip to NYC in 2008, we learned about a game called Ground or Mound (aka Mound or Ground and Moundball) from a group of friendly and inebriated South Carolinians.  How fortuitous to learn a new game while watching the Jays beat the Yankees!  This is a game to be played when watching the game at the stadium.

We'll be playing at the Home Opener on April 12th...
Okay! Blue Jays! Let's Play Ball!


Meghan said...

Ok, if I could play that game each time I watched baseball I'd be a happy lady!

Micaela said...

I LOOOOVE baseball but i love THE RANGERS who won ;) ha sorry! but i do love my TX Rangers. Michael Young i my boyfriend ;)

it is PURE JOY, you're right and i wished with all my might i could have been at opening day. sigh. One thing i will miss about not living in Texas is the Rangers ball park.


Faiza said...

@Meghan - If you played it everytime, chances are you might be rich too! I play with quarters but am ready to take it to dollars!

@Micaela - Congrats on the Ranger win! It was a great game! Happy Opening Day!

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