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Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Brighton (but not enough...)

We started our rainy Good Friday in Brighton with Maya getting into my face cream.  I have yet to meet a more curious person!  We walked through The Lanes towards Snooper's Paradise where we met Aneez and Vanessa.  Snoopers is filled with garage sale, flea market, vintage finds.  They even have old postcards that have been written on!  They were a true snooper's dream!
Snoopers pictures via polyfarthing

After lunch at a great Latin restaurant called Las Iguanas, where I had the yummy Peri Peri Asado and Totopos with guac and salsa, we ventured back through The Lanes towards the sea.  Aneez snapped this picture along the way and I admit it was the first time I thought about work while on vacation.
Maya and Anisha took a ride on the Carousel and then we sat by the sea taking it all in before heading home for a delicious Thai meal.
Saturday, we went to the Open House for their Easter Fest.  They had something for everyone.  Maya wanted to be a bunny at the face painting tent,

Anisha relaxed in the holistic massage tent while Aneez, Vanessa and I listened to Derriere outside on the patio. 
Sadly, that was the end of our quick trip and we headed back to Basingstoke.  So long Brighton, I will most definitely be back soon.


Felicity said...

Thanks for the tour, it's so great to see how people live abroad.

Meghan said...

I want to go to there:) It looks incredible. I would DIE to check out that market!

bklyn76 said...

maya is too cute! [she looks a bit like a mini-you!]

brighton just sounds better and better with each post!

rachel awes said...

oh faiza, i just read your brighton post & this one! the foods, the company, the sights, & all alongside gorgeous you,...heavenly.

Faiza said...

@Felicity - I love people watching abroad. Despite all the differences in culture and manners we are so much more the same!

@Meghan - You would go nuts in that market for sure!

@bklyn76 - Maya is gorgeous and wonderful and fearful and independent! Such a treat to get to spend time with her and her mom.

@rachel awes - It was so heavenly! What a blessing!

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