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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors - vacation wrap up

I've been home for over a week now.  When I left you last whilst on vacation, Aneez and I were about to watch the Jays Season opener in Texas from his living room in Basingstoke.

I forgot to mention a most invigorating hike we took on Old Winchester Hill.  It was a gloomy and windy day but we hiked for about an hour.  Just as we finished our hike, the clouds opend up and the sun came out.  After the hike, we were treated to a lovely Indian meal of mung saag, chick pea saag and kashmiri rice by Vanessa's friends Sue and Peter. 

(Taking in the English countryside.)

From Basingstoke, I went into London to visit with my cousin Faisal, his wife Nusrat and their adorable and wonderful girls Aliyah and Hannah.  My aunts Rozina and Shamim joined us girls as we set out to Wembley.  This is an area in the northwest of London which is home to some very diverse communities including somewhat of a "Little India."  I was spoiled by my aunts and Nusrat and came home with three gorgeous sarees!  We also had a delicious Indian/African meal and Faisal and my Noordin Ada were able to join us as well.  Here are some shots from Wembley.
(Aliyah and Hannah playing in a saree shop.)

(Mini bangles for kids!)

(Colourful rows upon rows of textiles seen all over Wembley.)

I also saw my first marionette show (outside of that scene in The Sound of Music.)  Nusrat took us girls to a show featuring tales from Aesop.   This show was special as it took place on a boat!
(Outside the theatre.)

(Inside the theatre.)
We had a terrific time at the theatre and I headed back to Basingstoke to spend my last two days with Aneez and Vanessa.  On one of those days, Aneez and I made a quick pit stop to Stonehenge on our way to explore the town of Salisbury.  We'd been there in the fall so we mostly navigated around the throngs of students on Easter break and took silly pictures including this one:

All in all, I had the perfect vacation and was lucky to come home to beautiful spring weather in Toronto! 


rachel awes said...

love every color, gorgeous face, & green hillside. every bit. all so rich, you are. x

Anonymous said...

Aneez > Rock, Paper, Scissors! I love it!!!

JenRem said...

These photos from your trip are great - looks like you had a beautiful, wonderful time. I don't actually know what a marionette show is but I think that it's cool it happened on a boat!

And have a blast at the Blue Jays game tonight! Take lots of photos - I've never been to that stadium so I'd love to see what it looks like :)

Felicity said...

Faiza- Hi, This is FelicityLingle from swap-bot and i'm folowing you- always! ; )

Aisyah Helga said...

Hi Faiza,
I'm aisyahelga from swap-bot. I'm now following you. Awesome blog!

Aby Runyan said...

I'm following now as part of Swap-bot. My user name is abyrunyan (so you can rate me).


Bipolar Rollercoaster said...

Wow, what great pictures! I love when people post things from the places they've been. I can't believe all of those bangle bracelets for kids!!! How much fun!!!

GoingTwinsane from Swap-bot - now following!
I want more blogger followers swap

Passionate Pagan said...

following you from swap-bot (justjolean) love the pics sounds like you had a fun time!

Faiza said...

@rachel awes - a few people think england is dull and dreary and gray but it is filled with colour and light and life everywhere. i loved it!

@aneez - woot!

@JenRem - marionettes are puppets controlled by strings. it's such an art to be able to design them and then to make them perform. the jays won tonight! the game was great!

@Felicity - hello friend! :)

@ all my new followers - it is so nice to meet you and to take a look at your blogs too!

Kimminita said...

Oh Stonehedge is SO on my wishlist! Could you feel the energy there?

Meghan said...

I love, love, LOVE that last photo! It's amazing!!!

Micaela said...

they are the cutest little things i've ever seen!!! :) they remind me of my nieces sophia and marina. ADORABLE!!!

i'm so glad you had such a fun time! :)

memtree said...

haha love the rock, paper, scissors photo! so clever! sounds like you had a great trip.

- memtree from swapbot

Faiza said...

@Kimminita - the first time i went i definitely felt an energy. this was my second trip and with so many tourists (inlcuding me,) it was difficult to be still and feel it - but there is a presence for sure.

@Meghan - thanks! we had a bit of a giggle with that one!

@Micaela - adorable for sure! and they are too smart for words!

@memtree - so nice to meet you!

Twinky said...

I love to play rock,paper,scissors before especially if I am stuck into a long trip. Nothing beats me among my siblings.

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