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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday night at the ballpark...

It's the second week at home for the Jays and my second game of the season.  The Jays hosted the Kansas City Royals tonight and though they got off to a slow and somewhat uninspired start, they got it together and did us proud.    Katherine and I checked out our first game together.  We were supposed to sit here:

Thankfully, we ran into my brother Karim and ended up sitting here:

Katherine was such fun company.  She told me how her mom (a very sweet woman) mangles the pronunciation of some player names.  She calls Rod Barajas (pronounced Bah-Rah-Haas), Rod Bear-A Jazz.  Katherine also revealed to me that she has a bit of a thing for first basemen.  Her baseball crushes have ranged from Willie Upshaw to Fred McGriff to John Olerud to Carlos Delgado to John McDonald.  I called her on her lack of loyalty while she was ogling Adam Lind and snuggling up with Ace (see the evidence below.)

Of course I gave Ace some love too.  He's no BJ Birdie but I have room in my heart for the both of them.

Today's unfortunate photo sadly belongs to Rick Ankiel. Once again, here was a player who had a great smile and looked as though he was enjoying the game.  His picture seems to completely hide his upper lip and make him look miserable.   Rick Ankiel - I saw you in your happy moments tonight!

The Jays won 4-3 in the top of the 9th inning!  Tomorrow's game is at 1:37pm.  I really hope there will be butts in the seats, the attendance tonight was the lowest I've ever seen it.  It would have been nice to share the win and great moments like Wells' home run along with his two doubles with a larger crowd.   Looking forward to next week's series against the Boston Red Sox....


Megan said...

Oh that is one thing on my to do list when i finally visit America is to see a baseball game. Glad your team won and you got better seats!

The After Craft said...

OMG that is so cool!! I've always wanted to go to a game!! It's on my life "to-do" list.

This is Sarah from swap-bot aka TheAfterCraft


tez said...

Lucky Ace getting cuddles and kisses! BJ Birdie would have been envious. Love you! x

Felicity said...

Few things are more thrilling then seeing mascots in big puffy costumes- I love it! : )

Dana said...

Lovely blog! Look forward to reading more!

~MamaD from SB~

Faiza said...

@Megan - if you ever make your way over here. let me know. i would love to take you to a game!

@TheAfterCraft - am loving your blog too!

@tez -

@Felicity - that is so true!

@Dana - great to meet you!

Cynthia and Sebastiaan said...

Hi, I am mentalistfan78 from Swapbot, following your blog now!
Love from Holland

Faiza said...

@Megan - you will love watching baseball especially if you get to watch at an older more historic park. if you ever make your way across the ocean over to north america, let me know!

@TheAfterCraft - great to meet you! you have a great blog!

@tez - love you too.

@Felicity - the only thing that creeps me out is that they don't talk. still haven't gotten use to that.

@Dana - thanks for checking out my blog!

Jennifer McLean said...

Glad to see you had such a great time at the ball game!

I'm Jaemac from swapbot and I'm following you!

Panda2778 said...

Following your blog from the "I want more blog followers" swap. Jessica - Panda2778 on Swapbot.

My personal blog: The Unicorn Castle

Donna said...

Such cool seats! I'm in Chicagoland area and have been to a game at the Cell for the Sox and twice to Wrigley. Wish I could go more.

dlyn67 @ swap-bot

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