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Sunday, May 16, 2010

All around the ballpark

Tez, Phill and I hit the ballpark this afternoon to watch the Jays sweep the Texas Rangers.  It was a wonderfully sunny day here in Toronto and the roof of the Dome was open.  (It's 9pm and the sun is just about set...)

Today was Italian Day and there was a giveaway - a sweet baseball cap. 

We were a bit antsy which proved to be for the best as we walked throughout the Dome and took the game in from all 360 degrees of the ballpark.
Tez and moi in the outfield.
 A lady I met in the Gift Shop.
Between the 1st base line and the outfield.
At the TravelTex booth in centrefield picking up goodies for Micaela and Marianne.
Men at work.  
As I snapped this pic, the entire crowd of 25,000 fans won a free slice of pizza each!
Frasor warming up in the bullpen.
Getting my Vitamin D.
Unfortunate photo of the day belongs to Hamilton courtesy of his endearing elfin ears.
Catching the wave!
And the Jays win it 5-2 to sweep the series!
So thankful for the healing rays of the sun, an afternoon with friends, day 5 of a mosquito bite (when the itching stops for me) and the promise of beginning a new book...


Meghan said...

You are quite the superfan! I love your dedication to the games!!!

Anastasia said...

I totally agree with you about the healing power of the sun.

Christy said...

How fun! I love baseball games! I'm trying to see every MLB stadium before I turn 25! And I'm going to Toronto in 3 weeks to cross off one more!

Micaela said...

what i wouldn't have given to be at that game with you-- though you do know sweet friend, i am THE HUGEST TX Rangers fan there is!!!! in fact, marianne's husband is too and he took me to my first baseball game. You should have seen my eyes when i first walked into the Rangers Ballpark.... SO MUCH FUN!!! it's on my to-do list when i'm back home this summer :) baseball is the epitome of summer (though i can't imagine the sun setting so late! lol)

I LOOOOVE Michael Young!!!

Congrats though to your Jays... i can only say that cos clearly you are much a fan as i am :) I LOVE your new hat :) you are so beautiful, do you realize?

ps. i'm off tomorrow (YES!!!) and i'm off to the community craft fair to pick you up a little somethings ;)


Faiza said...

@Meghan - Ballpark trumps baby showers any day! :)

@Anastasia - Am getting some healing from the sun on my back right now!

@Christy - Which game will you be at? Maybe we can meet up?

@Micaela - We would have had the BEST time at the game. You cheering for the Rangers, me cheering for the Jays. High fiving each other for each and every single play and confusing everyone around us. Ahhhh....perfection!

Marz said...

You are such a beautiful girl! I love looking at your ballpark photos, it makes me feel like I am there with you :)the unfortunate photo of the day always cracks me up! Micaela LOVES the Texas Rangers, she's as dedicated a fan as you are to your Jays! I've only been to one game with her - we all went on 4th of July last year and it was a lot of fun! :)

Faiza said...

@Marz - Thank you. Maybe one day the universe will conspire in our favour and we will go to a baseball game together!

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