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Monday, May 3, 2010

Do you Dewey? April 2010

 I sure do!  
I love the Toronto Public Library.  
Here are my library treats from the month of April.

Some Like It Hot
My first Marilyn Monroe movie EVER.  Love her real woman's body.  
Jack Lemmon had me in stitches and I learned what spats were.

What Happens in Vegas
Not sure why this movie didn't do well in theatres.
I thought it was hilarious!
Best line: "Do you even know how to drive an automatic?"

 The  Great Debaters
An excellent movie based on the true story of the Wiley College African-American debate team.
Taking place in the 1930s, it tells one story of the violent, evolving and volatile racism in the South.
Watch out for the highly underrated performance by Forrest Whitaker.

Much Dance 2009
Great tunes for a cardio workout!
Love Ne-Yo's track "Closer."

Barenaked Ladies - Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)
The title says it all! Steven Page has a voice like no other.

MuchMoreMusic Volume Two
Where else would you find Bruce Cockburn, Duran Duran,
Sarah McLachlan and Jamiroquai on the same record?

Mary J Blige - My Life
Picked this up purely for the track "You Bring me Joy" and
loved reacquainting myself with the rest of the album.

Leonard Cohen - Live in London 
Wanted to hear his "Hallelujah" and was blessed to listen to so many more gorgeous songs for the first time.
Cohen has an effortless connection to love and people.

What treats have you recently found at your library?


rachel awes said...

faiza, i adore your collection!
how much fun it would be to play with you!!
this is quite a may day basket gift to your own sweet heart!
we have a dear neighborhood library just
a block & a half from our home/so lucky..
& i most often go there for our sons/
so handy & lovely.
lots of love always. xox

Meghan said...

Such great selections!!! I loved Some Like It Hot and The Great Debaters! I haven't been to the library lately but I do love the smell of old books:) perhaps it's time to go back!!!

Faiza said...

@rachel - you are too cute! am discovering slowly that gratitude is just one of many gifts i can give myself!

@meghan - yes do go back and tell me all about it!

Anonymous said...

Just came across you blog. Excellent idea. Showing gratitude and appreciation. A novel concept in this world. I hope it is contagious.

My favourite Marilyn movie is "Gentleman Prefer Blondes". I think her comedic timing was and is underrated.

Felicity said...

Isn't the library the greatest place on Earth? I just went to mine Friday and was gonna make a similar post. I got a book on the Mexican Muralists, a book of street art, and a book on how to tie knots (macrame) and some indulgent girly magazines and ReadyMade, which is an awesome do it yourself-type mag.

Felicity said...

Faiza- I gave you the Sunshine award. Details on my blog. : )

Faiza said...

@anonymous - hello mysterious new friend! i now have gentlemen prefer blondes on hold at the library. thanks for the great recommendation.

@Felicity - thanks for the award. i am blushing and so grateful. the library makes me so happy. you should pick up a "do you dewey" post on your blog too! i love the diversity between your library posts and mine!

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