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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gluttony and the game

Here's a recap of a nearly perfect Sunday at the ballpark with Ameera.

The sun was present and golden and the roof wide open as the Jays took on the Baltimore Orioles who were  looking to avoid being swept!
Ameera and I bought tickets to the All You Can Eat section.

Branded with our wristbands.

Our view from Bautista's corner of the outfield.

Ameera and I before the gluttony.

Hot dogs waiting.  I was so tempted, but didn't give in.

The moment I decided that this box would be reincarnated as an envelope for one of my upcoming swaps.

All you can eat ballpark staples.

All the Miss Vickies you could eat.

 These were not on the All You Can Eat Menu.

These folks were at 60+ hot dogs eaten and I think this was only the 4th inning...

The bad news is that there will be no unfortunate photo today. 
I couldn't see the Jumbotron from where I was.  
The good news is that I did get to see Jackie's number instead. So inspiring!

The very kind John from The Jays Shop who refused my nickel when I asked for a plastic bag.

Ameera made it through 3 and 3/4 dogs. 
Her body started to reject this one so she stopped eating and we began to...


Gluttonous afterglow.

As soon as we stopped eating, this was the strike that gave Romero his 7th strikeout of the game and gave the entire Dome a free pizza slice tomorrow!

Seventh inning stretch!

After a complete game by Romero along with home runs from Overbay, Bautista and Gonzalez, the Jays win 6-1 and SWEEP the series!

Next game:  Jays versus the Yankees next weekend! Woot!


Megan said...

Oh wow I cant wait to go to a real baseball game one day, and now I know there is an all you can eat section, I really cant wait, Yum hotdogs!

bklyn76 said...

you guys really do have a glow...maybe you're on to something: chips and popcorn=great skin???

thanks for posting the ayce schedule! can't wait to attend one of those games with you!

John from the Jays Shop said...

Glad to see the two of you enjoyed the game! See you when the Yankees are in town! If either of you ever need plastic bags again, you know where to find me! :)

Farah said...

Missy you are gorgeous! seriously, you have such a beautiful face. I know that might be a totally weird thing to say on a post that talks about baseball but you really do.

tez said...

Farah - not wierd! Faiza DOES look gorgeous (as always!) :)

Now... how is it that I missed the All You Can Eat section after two games last month?? I'm feeling a bit ripped off here. Instead we got stinkin' School Day! (Which did not get me 3 3/4 hot dogs.)

Felicity said...

Sounds like fun!

Faiza said...

@Megan - Yum indeed! Do you have any plans to come to Canada in our summer season?

@bklyn76 - food plus the humidity plus the excitement of the game = great skin!

@John - thanks again! Go Jays Go!

@Farah - Thank you my template twin!

@Tez - AYCE is only during three series this year. Any chance you can come back from the Detroit series in August and join me for one of those games?

Faiza said...

@Felicity - It really is. Do you ever go to Red Sox games?

bklyn76 said...

so, water isn't your secret, junk food is???

Tima said...

My kids are on break, and I'm sitting here reading this and giggling the whole way through. I now have a crowd of 8 year olds wondering why I'm laughing at "baseball? There are baseball pictures on your computer. That's what's so funny?"

Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - junk food chased by water!

@Tima - lol! just teach them sleep statues. i wonder what 8 yr olds would think of that game?

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