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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing everyone who holds a mother in their heart on this winter-like-fall-like-spring-like day..
Happy Mother's Day!  

Karim, Dad, Faiza A and I were fortunate enough to spend the day with FOUR incredibly generous moms.  We met for lunch midtown at Green Papaya.   Around the table were my three-time Super Mom and my Maji, a mother of ten along with my sister-in-law Minaz, mother of one lovely Kahzmir and her mom Sulli, mother of three outstanding women. 
Sulli brought some spring flowers from her garden to brighten up our table.  Their colours were glorious and had it not been for my pesky cold, I would have loved to have smelled them too!
My phenomenal mother. 
My Maji!
Kahzmir gives out his handmade Mother's Day cards.  Here is his card for his Dadi.
And another great card for his great grandmother!
Of course his Mama got one too!
And last but not least, his Nani's Mother's Day card.
Dadi's card, tailor-made for her.  If you saw her fridge, you would know what I mean. 
Mom beams as she talks to Aneez and Vanessa (mommy-to-be) in England.
After a great lunch with our friendly hosts at Green Papaya, we headed over to the Solar Stage Children's Theatre for a musical adaptation of The Little Prince.
After the show, Kahzmir gets some autographs and poses for pictures with the cast.

That's how we did Mother's Day this year.  It was picture perfect and filled with moments of true happiness.  This is the kind of happiness I am blessed to feel everyday being surrounded with the love of my family.  At its core - my mommy.  I hope I always make you proud to have chosen to have me in your heart.  I more than love you Mom.


bklyn76 said...

sounds like a lovely day with lovely moms. love that card for dadi!

Meghan said...

Aww! Your family is so adorable - and that card is way too cute!

rachel awes said...

oh heavens, these women are all gorgeous & YOU!! sweetheart, you have sunshine love all around you. so truly blessed. what a lovely day. i adore you, beloved faiza!

Melanie Jane said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day -- great mommy memories there :)

Faiza said...

@bklyn76 - hope your day was lovely too!

@Meghan - you are adorable and i am so proud of you and your 9 minute faster half marathon!

@rachel - i hope you were adored all day yesterday as well!

@Melanie Jane - hope you had a wonderful mother's day too!

Marz said...

Your mother is beautiful - She looks so sweet! :) I enjoyed all the photos of the beautiful and sweet mothers in your life. Sounds like you enjoyed a perfect day!

Kahzmir is so adorable - those handmade cards are precious!!!!

Micaela said...

your family just makes me SMILE!!! :) Reminds me of mine! and how GORGEOUS is your Mom?! i just want to hug your Maji! my family always gives each other hand made birthday cards and i think they are the best! :)

your little Kahzmire is already a rock star ;)

Faiza said...

@Micaela - thanks! i think they are pretty special too!

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