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Monday, May 31, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Conspiring with the Postal Clerk...

So much fun with the mail lately!  My last two outgoing pieces will illustrate why I love my local post office...

Thank you Robin for my wonderful package as part of the No Spending Swap through swap-bot.  Everything is terrific!  From the bookmark, which I'm already using, to the Wizard of Oz card, to the stickers and stationery, to the lip balm (which one can never have enough of.)  I loooooove lemonade and can't wait to sip some of this on a hot summer day.  Thank you so much!

INCOMING - Micaela
I got such a thoughtful package from Micaela.  She is such a believer in all forms of love.  It really resonates with me.  You can feel her spirit through her thoughtful gifts and words.  She sent some Willy Wonka chocolate which reminded me of my second grade teacher reading a little bit of James and the Giant Peach to our class each day.  I heart teachers.  There was also a wonderful pen/bookmark with the quote "Love is friendship set on fire." I couldn't agree more!  Micaela also sent me a cute letter written on a card from a local artisan.  I love that she stamped by name and added an Italian postage stamp (a land she loves) on her envelope as well.  The two beautifully wrapped packages contained some terrific Goat's Milk soap that is perfect for my sensitive skin and a notebook that will so so well on the go!  Gratitude always. 

A little googly-ness for my dear friend in the 905.

A snail mail high five for Megan who has been working so hard at school.  I got this envelope from Felicity.  I love it and was so happy to send it to Megan.  You can get your own envelopes here.

Felt so weird without my snail mail tools but couldn't let that slow down the greetings.  I had my mini pack of markers in my purse, so I quickly decorated this envelope with a birthday card for Meghan while waiting for the bus.

OUTGOING - Margaret 
Here's my package for the Cute/Funky Sock Swap from swap-bot.  By now, I was on the bus and drawing in motion.  I think I was just outside City Hall when I scribbled this one.  I got socks in a few different sizes because I wasn't sure how our sizes would translate to the European sizes.  Margaret's profile mentioned she loved Disney so I threw in some fun stickers too.

Another bus ride design.  Passing on a book to Jenni at absentminded.  Jenni recently complete the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  High five to you!

OUTGOING - Micaela
So I went to the post office near home ready to send this Texas inspired (from me, who has never been to Texas...ouch) envelope to Micaela.  I told the clerk that I didn't want the boring gray and white metered stamp.  I wanted real stamps!  He kinda laughed at me and said, "Fine, let's use as many stamps as we can."  Here are some goodies on their way to Virginia.
The before shot.
The after shot with 9 different stamps.
I sent a package to Riesta in Indonesia as part of Tillie's Simply Delightful Package Swap.   I had to send her at least three of my favorite things.   I sent one of my favorite books, my favorite snack right now, a burgundy wristlet (great for spring and summer when you don't have to worry about gloves and mittens on your hands), lip balm (I told you it was a fave) and an Akoha deck of cards.  A very basic way to explain Akoha would be to say that it a real live game of paying it forward.  Check it out.
Riesta's before.
Riesta's after.  11 stamps!
Snail mail makes me so happy! 


Felicity said...

Such a fun and inspiring post Faiza!
I love the googles!
I love the beautiful patterns you create!
I love the before and after shots!
Makes me wanna whip up a package right now!
: )

Felicity said...

P.S. And your sweet, fun attitude is totally contagious!! ; )

Meghan said...

I didn't know I had something coming my way:) You are a doll, as usual!

These mailings are inspiring me more and more to participate in more swaps...especially if there is yummy food involved!

Wishing you a happy week, my dear!

Micaela said...

it resonates with you because you are full of love too! i mean look at your smile... it's infectious! :) Faiza i am sooo delighted you liked the local gifts! and the chocolate-- didn't you just looove james and the giant peach!? i think it brings back so many memories-- when i bought the candy bar the two older ladies at the checkout (who couldn't be more different) were talking about how much they loved the movie. It brings back that piece of childhood you can never lose.

you are so darling for the kind words!

and i spy my TEXAS!!! i am already sooo excited!!! you dear dear girl.

your mails are sooo pretty- i love the way you decorated meghan's envelope & socks! i love fun socks. The googly eyes just make me giggle. YOU ARE LOVELY!!! what perfect things to give in tillie's fun swap-- j'adore the wristlet and "THE GLASS CASTLE"-- a blog friend sent me her copy and INSISTED i had to read it after reading "Half Broke Horses" from the same author. Such a great book and your swap partner is sure to love it!

happy mail makes me smile. YOU make me smile!!!

Megan said...

Yay for snail mail! I am really excited about receiving my letter. I love the quote on the pen that Micaela sent you. I am glad that you an Meghan have developed such a lovely friendship since the stationery swap.

bklyn76 said...

your mail karma is excellent...beautiful incoming=beautiful outgoing. i'm so tempted to join a swap!

rachel awes said...

i can't get enough
of your snail mail posts!
i LOVE them!
"the glass castle"
is one of my favorite books
& i love those googily eyes
on that other envelope!
i love it all,
every sweet morsal!

uglygirl said...

I love all the stamps! I am too bashful to even decorate my envelopes too much, lest the post office people judge me.

christy b., that's me! said...

@uglygirl...Rule #1-develop a relationship with your postmaster, they give you the ins and outs, DOs and DON'Ts, and better info than Also, they love the neat mailings, too b/c we are supporting THEIR work.

I love my postmaster!

@Faiza...You inspire us all!

Zoë said...

Such gorgeous mail all of it. And I agree, snail mail makes me so happy too :) The repurposed popcorn box is great, and it so much fun to put a lot of stamps on things. The addition of the googly eyes is also adorable.

Farah said...

you are so creative with creating the patterns for your envelopes! All I can draw are stinkin' hearts! ;) LOL

Faiza said...

@Felicity - thanks so much! :)

@Meghan - There is a "My favorite Candy" swap on swap-bot right now. I think it would be perfect for you!

@Micaela - thank you friend. am so excited for you to go home and see your family. yay texas!

@Megan - your stationery swap was my first. i blame you for my addiction! :)

@bklyn76 - go for it! join a swap!

@rachel awes - MUAH back at you!

@uglygirl - you bashful? no way!

@christy b - hi new friend!

@zoe - hello you! hope you are having fun in alberta!

@farah - hearts are wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Claire Kiefer said...

Faiza, you are THE SWEETEST for emailing those folks for me. Will you send me your address?

lots of love from California!

Tillie said...

I WANT A DECK OF THOSE CARDS! HOw cute and fun and that pacakage is amazing! Oh i hope she loves it, I am sure that she will!!!!!!

Faiza said...

@claire keifer - :)

@tillie - will send some akoha cards your way :) i hope riesta likes the package too :)

Kimminita said...

Love it when a guy or girl at the post office does not look at you like you're a freak when you ask for real stamp, but gives you as many instead!!

Faiza said...

@Kimminita - Then you would love this guy! He is so happy to see all my creations!

JenRem said...

You're adorable. I just LOVE the book you sent me. Actually I'm more than halfway through it already. It's so awesome :)

Faiza said...

@JenRem - Glad to hear you got the book and are enjoying it. I thought it was great!

riesta said...

hi Faiza...
i'm Riesta...
i really surprised received your package this morning...

thank you very much...
i really like it...

now,,i'm searching how to play that card,,
thanks 4 the book too...
that's my first book in

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