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Monday, May 17, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Monday's Mailbox

I had a most enjoyable trip to the post office today.

This is my swap-bot NO SPENDING SWAP #3 package to my partner Angela.  The rules of the swap were to send things you already had around the house in an envelope no smaller than 6 x 9.  You couldn't spend any money other than the postage needed to send the package to your partner.  This swap was fun.  The envelope is filled with crafting goodies, stationary, beads and sweets.

Dione and I have much in common. 
a)  We share a love of jazz (she's a terrific vocalist and performer, check her out here.) 
b)  We both love Scrabble and have battled it out on Facebook.  (May the Q be with U my friends.)
c)  Dione and I both went to England this spring.  Not together.  She was on a honeymoon and I soaked up love and blessings from my family.
d) Every day for about an hour, we both escape to Genoa City to visit our scandalous friends on The Young and the Restless.  Dione even created a Facebook group so that we could dish about the show with about 100 other fans and...
e) Just this week I found out that Dione is also a lover of SNAIL MAIL!  Could she be more endearing?  I had to send her one of my handmade envelopes filled with some goodies.

OUTGOING - Felicity
I got such a sweet surprise from Felicity last week that I had to send something back.  She's one of my favorite blogger friends.  :)

via nataliedee

INCOMING - junemoon
My first quilted postcard!  This soft and creative piece was sent to me by junemoon through the swap-bot Handmade Postcard 2 swap.  I found out that she just turned 70 and has two blogs! How cool!  I LOVE the fact that I snail mailed with someone that I probably would never had crossed paths with in any other setting.  What a gift!


Claire Kiefer said...

I love these mail posts . . . it's so sweet to see what other people are sending and receiving, and the creativity is really inspiring. I'm in awe of the quilted postcard!

Bianca J said...

Your decorations are so beautiful! The top envelope is especially eye catching!

Joana G. said...

I love the idea from swap-bot. I'd probably get into some like that. I joined swap-bot months ago but I never tried it, there so many choices that I end up not knowing what to pick to get into. Do you have a group or you pick things randomly by your tastes?

The envelopes are gorgeous, especially the first one with the drawing.

I checked Dione's music and besides her stunning beauty I like the music.

Much love,

Felicity said...

Ooooooh!! Hearts and hearts to you!! I love your illustrations and the shell 'lope. : )

rachel awes said...

i love that hilarious illustration!
& all this snail mail always touches
my heart & rooms of delight! xox

Faiza said...

@Claire - The quilted postcard is even more beautiful in person. It's just so neat to touch and feel.

@Bianca - Thanks friend!

@Joana - If I see a swap I like, I try it out. I'm not on any groups or anything like that on swap-bot. I just browse the swaps a every few weeks and try different things out.

@Felicity - hearts to you too friend!

@rachel awes - the illustration cracked me up too!

Melanie Jane said...

Faiza -- i think I am jealous of your mailbox - is that possible? I have been loving my postcrossings -- but I admit I do so love reading your snail mail tails!

christy b., that's me! said...

@Melanie Jane...I totally agree with you!...and @Faiza, your shenanigans here have lured me over to swap-bot...just sent my first package!

Micaela said...

you have such lovely mail art!!!

a little parcel should be flying your way from me tomorrow ;)


Lisa said...

I love your envelopes! Don't you wonder what all the people at the post office think/say when they see your art passing through?
"I wish I knew this Faiza!"
"Wow, I wonder what Faiza does for a living?"
"That Faiza, she's amazing!"
Just a few possible pieces of dialogue that may occur when your mail touches the hands of others sorting and delivering.

I commented to Rachel (Awes) that she should make postcards, so her images could touch others, too. And I think Page Hodel should have postcards, too--She created Monday Hearts for Madalene (did I mention her and her hearts to you yet, Faiza?--You can have a heart e-mailed to your inbox every Monday).

Just imagine how the world would be, if more images such as these, floated through the mail, and how eager we all would be to get our mail.
Love the cartoon, by the way! :)

Speaking of goodness floating your way, via mailboxes real and virtual. Did you see this week's Mission for collecting quotes on the Mission AmyKR blog? I don't recall seeing you comment/give a quote. She will e-mail the completed collaborative quote book to you, if you request it. Today she posted a virtual choir singing, which I hadn't seen before.

All of our voices, creativity, and love-- in all our unique ways--floating through the world. Now that's a beautiful thing.

Faiza said...

@Melanie Jane - do you think some sort of a swap would work at SPC? might be fun1

@christy b - yeah another swap-botter in the galaxy! love it!

@Micaela - woot! woot! can't wait for you to invade my mailbox.

@Lisa - you are kindness in action. am going to check out Page Hodel and revist Amy's blog today. Not sure how I missed it this week. Happy day!

christy b., that's me! said...

Faiza, I love my postcard, the Victor Newman stickers, and the beautiful flowers you drew all over the envelope! You are awesome, my snail-mail pal!

Faiza said...

@christy b - yay victor!!

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