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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you Dewey? May 2010

Thanking the library for these finds in May.  Do you know where your local library branch is?

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Bruno, the young son of a Nazi soldier, moves to a new home when his father accepts a promotion under Hitler's regime. Curious, as boys are at his age, he can see a concentration camp through one of the windows of his home.  He very innocently thinks it is a farm where everyone working there wears striped pyjamas.  His innocence and loneliness leads to a heart breaking turn of events.  Vera Farmiga is outstanding in this movie.  It's very difficult to watch but I highly recommend it nonetheless. 

 Last Chance Harvey
A perfect movie to keep you company while cleaning up around the house. For me it was background noise while I did some snail mailing.  Dustin Hoffman is his cute and awkward self.  The story is endearing but doesn't swell the way you would want a rom-com to.

 The Office Season 1
I'm not a staunch follower of the US version of The Office.  I have a feeling it gets better as the seasons progress.  I have Season Two on hold and am looking forward to giving it more of a chance.

The Flight of the Conchords Season 1
Ohmygoodness this is the funniest show I've seen in soooooooooooo long.  I've been meaning to watch The Flight of the Conchords since it first came out on DVD.  The diverse musical numbers, pure ridiculousness of the plot lines and caricatures that are Bret, Jemaine and their manager Murray are comedy just the way I like it!


Marz said...

Growing up my father always took my sisters and I to the library and we loved those trips! :) My parents still go together to check out books, but sadly I have not been to a library in a looong time (prob. since college!) Reading this post made me yearn for the library! My co-worker sometimes goes on her lunch break and I think this post inspired me to join her one day soon so thank you! speaking of my co-worker I was JUST telling her today that she should watch "Last Chance Harvey" One of my favourite actresses is Emma Thompson (I simply adore her!!!) I recommended "Everybody's Fine" to her one day after watching it and loving it and she watched it over the weekend from Netflix and hated it (opps! isn't it funny what one person likes someone else can hate?) but I told her I kinda like those "sit down" dramas as my mom and I describe them. And I thought she might appreciate "Last Chance Harvey" better. I will have to watch "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" my parents absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing :) I always want to see what people are watching, reading or listening to get suggestions!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love libraries, despite being terrible about returning things and incurring massive amounts of fines. :( Everyone love Flight of the Conchords and The Office, and I've never seen either! I think they should go on my summer to-do list.

Megan said...

Gosh I havent been to the library for ages, i think I might try and head there tomorrow or Monday! Oh gosh Boy with the Striped Pyjama's broke my heart.

Farah said...

Boy with the Striped Pajama's sounds interesting. Will try looking for it over here ;)

Thea said...

I check out craft books from the library all the time! I haven't seen those two movies though. Thanks for the recommendations.

Faiza said...

@Marz - GO TO THE LIBRARY and start your own Do You Dewey posts lady! They have sooooooooo many WWE movies there!

@Claire Keifer - I am trying so so so hard not to incur any fines right now. So far I haven't; had any for 2010.

@Megan - Ohhh make sure you do a "Do you Dewey" blog if you do go to the library. We can start a movement!

@Farah - Hope you can find it TT!

@Thea - Let me know if you like those movies!

Des said...

Season 1 of The Flight of the Conchords really was brilliant.

Faiza said...

@Des - Can't wait to get my hands on Season 2!

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