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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Many of you have been in touch to express your concern and ask how my G-20 weekend was.  Thank you for your love and prayers.  I am safe and so thankful for all the safe spaces I have in my life.  There were moments this weekend that were filled with fear, hurt, heartache, confusion and frustration.  But this space of mine is not the place for that and so instead, I will share with you (drum roll please)...

G20: Twenty things I was grateful for this weekend.

1. Makeda.  I had a spa date with this amazing woman on Saturday.  I've known her since I was in Grade One and have only come to truly value and love her place in my life this past year.  She inspires me with every interaction we have.

2. Massages.  So thankful for the most healing and rejuvenating massage at the Elmwood Spa.

3. Face masks.  Makeda indulged me and did a face mask with me in the middle of the spa. 

4. Whirlpool and steam room girl talk.  Good for the heart, soul AND skin.

5. Water.  It's healing powers are such a blessing.

6. Red delicious apples.  The spa had plenty of these and after a steam, it was one of the best treats EVER.  Have had 4 more since then and am looking - crunch chew chew.
7. Chipotle.  Had their chicken burrito.  'Nuff said.

8. Childhood friends.  While eating a burrito with one childhood friend (see number 1) we ran into Roheena, another childhood friend who used to lived halfway between Makeda's home and mine when we were small 'uns.

9. Cellphones.  In a matter of minutes, in moments of panic, I was able to call my Mom and BBM with Sheba and Aleem to get an idea of what was going on around me as well as some reassurance and love. 

10.  Shortest "refugee" status ever. - For 6 hours, it wasn't safe outside and I couldn't make it home  I'm so thankful that it didn't last any longer than that for me.

11. Shafik.  For giving us displaced people a place to stay along with great hugs.

12. Nancy. For also sharing her home along with her history with both me whom she had met once and Makeda who she was meeting for the first time.

13. Alfie. For his unconditional, furry, dog love.  I'm not a dog person but this beauty is too cute. 

14. Throw pillows.  Throughout the evening in our safe haven we all had an extra dimension of support. I had one under my head while lying down.  Another under my elbow while lounging on the couch.  And another under my feet while they rested.  Need to get me some more of these.
15. Gravy.  We all needed comfort food.  I went all out and got gravy too.  It was worth it. 

16. Cab drivers. Finally got a cab home and thankfully had a kind driver who told me about growing up in Ethiopia.  He was so kind and patient as we figured out how to get me back home.  It made me so thankful to be born and to live where I live, in spite of the mayhem this weekend.

17. Y&R. Yes it's true Victor Newman kept me company with his bad ass Brazilian Royal Flush and helped me to unwind. 

18. World Cup.  Coming home to an event that is so globally unifying put the day into perspective for me.

19. My bed. Having a clean, safe, comfortable place to sleep every night is a blessing.
20. My faith.  I believe that all people are essentially good. What I saw this weekend could cause one to waver on that but I refuse and that gives me hope.

Wishing you moments of gratitude too.


Felicity said...

Big hugs Faiza, i'm glad you had people to turn to. And great that you relish the positive things that happened over the weekend.

Marz said...

Oh my Faiza! I feel like I've been living under a rock - why did I not know about this? I feel so ignorant of the world around me when I read something like this and have to google what happened there in Toronto during the G-20 protests. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you :( I think you even mentioned something about leaving work early because of the protests when we were talking on gmail chat, but I had no idea. I live in a smallish city, where things like that just don't really happen. I remember in Chicago there was a demonstration going on, but nothing to the extent of what I read on google. I'm so glad you are okay and that your positive outlook never falters. You really are sunshine!!! It really is uplifting because I try and see the good in everyone and every situation and you are my inspiration - you TRULY are the kind of person who practices that everyday. Big, big hugs!!!

Tima said...

Sorry. Been so wrapped in World Cup and planning Ethan's party, I missed all the "excitement". Glad you're ok.
PS. LOVE the Zack cell phone!

Krystal said...

I'm glad that you are safe - that was certainly all very interesting to read about. Glad you could find many oasis's during that stressful time!

tez said...

Hey Sweetie - we were thinking of you all weekend and hoping you were okay. I'm sorry I didn't ring - so thankful that you're (relatively) unscathed by it all. SO SO SO proud of you and how magnificently you are able to practise your gratitude during such a scary and tumultuous time. Love you so much! x

cerebral e said...

What a lovely list. Good on you for keeping positive during a scary time.

I want to go to a spa now!

Meghan said...

I am so bummed that I didn't know what was going on - my apologies, deary. Please know how much I heart you.

I love your list. You never cease to amaze me with your bright spirit and positive attitude. I am so happy that you had such a relaxing spa experience - if anyone deserves it, it's you!

Faiza said...

Thank you all for your love, love and love. This weekend will be even better. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks and Happy Fourth of July to my American friends!

Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

Your list is inspiring - I love how you are so devoted to embracing the positive, even in troubled times. Glad all is well!

Megan said...

Faiza, you manage to always remind me to treasure the wonderful things in my life and not let the bad take over. This post is full of faith and hope, thankyou. I cannot believe how out of control the G20 has got. That spa day sounds amazing.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

This is such a beautiful post. I'm thankful to have stumbled upon your blog through Claire. Oh, you inspirational and uplifting women...

Faiza said...

@Emma - Thank you. Have a happy 4th of July weekend!

@Megan - How funny that we both had massages on the same day?

@Heather - Great blog template Heather! I had to have some pink lemonade after seeing the beautiful pics in your last post.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Faiza, Great template to you too! :) I was looking for blog templates like crazy over the past few days, and now that it's up I notice that we have the same one! Oh, but it's so simple and lovely and clean. I have been enjoying all that's clean and white lately.

JenRem said...

I could comment on a million things here but seriously, Chipotle = love. My favorite food thing in all the land. Yum, yum, YUM!

Faiza said...

@Heather - I also prefer clean and simple blog layouts so I can concentrate on what is being written.

@JenRem - I think I might have to visit Chipotle again this week.

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