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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Embrace the unexpected!

Every piece of mail this week was unexpected and sent with love.  
This is no coincidence!

Claire - A beautiful collage and note from Claire!  Her handwriting is very close to Minaz's which threw me off at first. So happy to have gotten this piece of friendship from Claire.

Kahzmir - A postcard from Kahzmir (suspiciously written in his Mama's handwriting.)

Jenni - The sweet and lovely Jenni surprised me with this book.  She registered the book on Bookcrossing.  I am so excited to read it and release it to someone else.  I loved Walls' book The Glass Castle and am looking forward to getting lost in this one.

Tez - My Tez sent me this lovely card on a day when my heart really needed it.  Suzie called me that same day just to say hello.  Those were not coincidences.  Thank you life!  I love Tez's sketch and the quote on this envie.  I was looking at it for so long that I forgot to open the envelope.  Thank goodness I did and found this great card inside.  Tez sent this "Made in Canada" card all the way from New Zealand.

Mae - A few weeks ago, I won this print from a giveaway on Kind Over Matter.  I totally forgot all about it and then it arrived!  I was so happy to unwrap it.  I plan to hang this on the back of my front door so I can see it every time I leave home.  Please check out Mae Chevrette Art.

Tillie's Mom - I learned where Tillie gets her kindness from. She asked her readers to send her mama a birthday card.  So I did.  Her mama sent me a pounamu thank you card!  So unexpected and sweet!

Aneez - A Buddha postcard  that Aneez made from various photographs.  This was accompanied by two dresses from Primark.  Thanks bha!

Vicky - The generous Vicky whom I've mentioned before sent me one more envelope to adopt.  I saw this one on her blog.  As an addict of all things potato, I naturally wanted it but...she had already given it away.  She found the same ad in a magazine, remembered I liked it and then cut and glued together another one and sent it to me!  (Hopefully I won't resort to eating pencils.)  Her dream is to have her envelopes travel the world so please visit her site and adopt some for yourself.

Bianca - Sending one of Vicky's envelopes across the world to Australia to play mail tag with Bianca!

Rehaana and Haseena - Angry Little Girl postcards for my nieces in London.

Sara - Candyland themed Swap package for Sara for the swap-bot My FAVOURITE Candy swap.  For all the swap-botters out there check out the The Number 100 swap...


tez said...

Hey sweetie - I'm glad you enjoyed my little sketch and card. Following your lead, I'm totally addicted to writing letters etc, so there will be many more in the future. :)

I love you so much. x

Felicity said...

I like the Angry Girls and the candy package esp. the Anne Frank quote. Also, I just heard about the chaos in Toronto and wanted to give you a virtual hug and tell you you're in my thoughts. xo

Vicky said...

Yeah~! So happy to see one of the envelopes is traveling to Australia!!!!! Thanks for spreading the words of the envie adoption prog!! Wish you all the best, Vicky

Tima said...

I have mailbox envy! ;)

Kimminita said...

Oh that Angry little girls looks cute!

rachel awes said...

oh yay, another pile!
i'll love to hear what you think
of the walls book/LOVED glass castle!!

Faiza said...

@tez - love you too, and your new addiction.

@Felicity - Thank you for the hug. I saw and was way too close to some pretty scary people this weekend. So thankful for the many safe spaces I have.

@Vicky - Thank YOU for the great envies!

@Tima - And I have giraffe envy. What shall we do?

@Kimminita - They are super cute and so angry! I think they are the funniest girls!

@rachel awes - will definitely let you know. I really liked The Glass Castle as well.

Krystal said...

wow your mail box is out of control, love it!! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

So glad you received my card! :)

I love these mail posts; they make me so happy. xoxo. Off to do your gratitude post now . . . love!

Faiza said...

@Krystal - Thanks! I love it too!

@Claire - You make me happy!

Micaela said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that my favorite girls all know each other well (you + Claire + Jenni). I'll say it again, ANOTHER reason i love this blogging world we have.

I believe the best gifts are books and the one Jenni gave you is incredible! i actually got it in a blog swap and didn't think it was my type of book (though i'm a fan of memoirs) and boy was i wrong! AMAZING!!! i HAD to read "The Glass Castle" afterwards.

tell me what you think of this one.

man oh man i miss my mail time posts! hopefully i can get back to them once things settle... thank you for everything my dearest girl! i sent something off to you nearly a week ago-- i can't wait for you to get it :) just a little something from my heart to yours thanking you for your incredible friendship.

(i am SOOO GLAD you are okay! Blessings be to God)

Faiza said...

@Micaela - Hugs to you. Hope you are enjoying every sweet second with your famiy in Texas! Love seeing you and your twinkie and your updates about it all on Facebook.

christy b., that's me! said...

...that was some great "stuff" from everyone! I really have to mail you something...I am so lazy right now...LOL.

Faiza said...

@christy b - summer is for lazy :)

JenRem said...

Hip Hip HOORAY! Obviously I'm a little behind on my blog reading but I'm so glad you got the book. I was really hoping you have not read it yet so you can enjoy this new read. It truly is a fabulous book :)

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