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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Freehand

Here's a quick peek at the recent mail.  I challenged myself to try some freehand drawing on some of my outgoing envelopes.  It was fun and I think I'll try some more of it!

Yay!  My first letter from Zoe since her move to Lethbridge.  I've already read it three times and can't wait to make some time to sit down and write back to her.  I love the quote on the stationery she used "If you sit down here, you will listen to the sweet music.  And it must be a very gentle tone..."  I wondered what the context of this was but then I decided I like it just the way it is.  Zoe also sent a great magnet to "clutter up your fridge" and some laser stickers!

INCOMING - Rehaana and Haseena
My two beautiful nieces, daughters of my cousin Shelina, are having a blast living in London, England together for the summer.  What a way for two sisters to spend time together!  They are creating memories for a lifetime and even spent some time in Brighton.  I sent them some postcards to light a snail mail fire under them and they sent me one of my own back!  I loved getting this in the mail and hearing about their adventures around the UK.  This is one of my favorite quotes ever...

INCOMING - Marianne
Marianne spent a whirlwind weekend in Chicago and she found time to send me a postcard.  Am feeling super special right about now!  You can read about her trip here.

Tillie hosted The Simply Delightful Swap and I wanted to say thanks.  It was a great experience for me.  The seasons are opposite in New Zealand so I thought I would draw her a spring landscape. 

I sent her some goodies.  One of my favorite books, The Little Prince and a bookmark to go with it as well as a googly ball. When you throw the ball, it weaves side to side and back and all over.  So fun! I also sent my last deck of Akoha cards, some drop cards and a cute change purse.  Thank you Tillie!

OUTGOING - Tillie's Momma 
Tillie recently blogged that it was her Momma's birthday.  She invited us to send her a birthday card, so I did!  Happy Birthday Tillie's Momma!

The beautiful Farah's favorite animal is a peacock. After the giraffe, I love the peacock best.  We are blog template twins and so I've nicknamed this sweet girl TT. I drew a peacock for her and I don't think it's too bad.  Will definitely be practicing it and adding colour next.  Hi Farah! 

OUTGOING - Passion
Passion hosted a New Friend swap and lucky me got her as my partner.   She told me that she liked space.  I interpreted that to mean outer space... hence the love fest between the alien and astronaut on the envelope.  I love the flag that the astronaut is carrying.  Below the envelope is a peek into her swap package.  She loves notebooks, stickers, space, cinnamon, green apples, peaches, pens and dreaming...

Off to write replies now...


Felicity said...

Faiza, You assemble the most sweet, fun, thoughtful and beautiful packages. I especially love the peacock and the alien+astronaut!! Hope you have a nice day!!

christy b., that's me! said...

Did you draw the alien and the astronaut? I LOVE it! If you didn't draw it...where can I find it?

You have such a great heart. It shows in your love of every letter that you send.

rachel awes said...

you know i love your mail "candy"!
love it all/espec. the peacock
(& giraffe image you shared with lucky me/
i LOVE that faiza!!!). xoxox

Zoë said...

such gorgeous mail :) I'm glad you enjoyed my letter, I thought the stationery was adorable too, even if I have no idea what it means. your swap packages are awesome! and your drawings are so cute and lovely, if I tried to "freehand" you'd end up with a bunch of stick figure drawings. I think the drawings on Tillie's envelope are adorable :)

My Owl Barn said...

I stumbled across your blog and o'm glad I did! I like the idea of swap packages. That peacock looks so sweet. Have a great day!

Kimminita said...

You really know what the gift of giving is all about.

Faiza said...

@Felicity - merci!

@christy b - i got them as wall decor stickers from my local dollarama. they are great because you can remove them and place them elsewhere if you would like.

@rachel - gonna keep working on that peacock. :)

@zoe - would love one of your stick figure drawings!

@My Owl Barn - welcome to my blog! so glad you stopped by. i love all the colour on your blog!

@Kimminita - thanks so much! that is so nice of you to see. i think the same thing about you and all the care you put into all your projects.

Claire Kiefer said...

omgoodness, Faiza, this is so sweet, and these are my favorite posts of yours! I have a letter for you sealed & ready to be mailed! :)

Faiza said...

@Claire - Ooooooooooh I'm so excited to get your letter!

JenRem said...

I am jealous over the creativity and spice that you use to decorate your outgoing packages. Love each and everyone of them <3

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