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Monday, June 7, 2010

To Swiffer or not to Swiffer?

My friend John sent me a message yesterday morning, "You gonna take your broom to the Dome?" 
I replied, "Do you think my Swiffer would have the same effect?" 

Contrary to what you may think, we were not engaged in a discussion about our respective domestic habits.  The Yankees were in town for a three game series and the Jays had won the first two games.  He knew I had tickets to the third game and we were referring to our hopes for the Jays to SWEEP the series.

I didn't take my pastel green Swiffer with me.  The Jays lost and we didn't get the sweep.  My cousin Alida says I can blame the loss on her.  She feels she might have been bad luck.  I wonder if this is part of her alleged middle child syndrome.  She's a middle child as is my brother Aneez.  They say this syndrome exists.  I say their kind is going extinct and it certainly wasn't her fault that the bullpen let Brandon Morrow down and contributed to our losing the game.  Here's a quick look at the game in pics...

Alida is working in Kabul, Afghanistan at the moment.  She's home for a quick holiday. We both had a moment of awe as we headed towards our seats.  Here she is taking a picture, trying to capture that feeling of emerging over the field.

The best usher in the Dome, Maureen Findlay Konnyu.  She's so cool that she even has her own Facebook fan page!   She has a bit of a crush on my brother Aneez, she told us so herself! 

The Unfortunate Photo of the Day goes to Nick Swisher.  Apparently he was suffering from severe allergies and red eyes the day this photo was taken.

Look who it is?  Rick the Drummer comes in from outside the Dome to hype up the crowd.  Torontonians will know Rick as the drummer who plays outside the stadium at EVERY game.  Love brought him to Toronto and he's been at the Dome for every game since it opened up in 1989.  Not only does he have an awesome smile and great energy, he's also a music teacher at a local school.  I heart teachers.  I was so happy to see him on the Jumbotron!  Yay Rick!

One of my favorite parts of the game is the 7th Inning Stretch and the Take Me Out to the Ball Game sing-a-long. 

Me and my cousin Alida.  The last game we went to together was at the old Yankee stadium in New York.  We won that game, so I know she's nothing close to bad luck.


Anonymous said...

a) Middle child syndrome is scientific fact
b) I think your 'unfortunate photos' deserves a blog of their own!
c) I can verify that Maureen is the best usher in the dome, if not in all of Canada.
d) 'Take me out to the ballgame' should be adapted for JK.
e) Nice to see Rick the Drummer and his props, getting some...props. (do people outside the theatre industry still say 'props' these days?)


Marz said...

I'm not a huge fan of baseball like you or my twinkie are - but I LOVE your Jay posts sooo much and look forward to them - esp laughing at the unfortunate photos! :) The swiffer bit is hilarious! You are so cute Faiza! So sorry it didn't happen though :( I have only gone to one Texas Rangers game with Micaela and I did feel that awe feeling of emerging over the field and you did a great job of capturing that!

When I was in Chicago and saw all the Cubs and White Sox shirts I thought about you and your devotion for your beloved Jays :)

Thanks for sharing the local celebrities Maureen and Rick the Drummer - how neat! I want to meet them they seem so kind :)

I wish I could experience a Jays game with you :) Maybe one day!

Meghan said...

So, when I read the title of this post, I got really excited because I LOVE SWIFFERS! I am not even kidding you! All cleaning products aside, I am glad you had a great time:) I love your passion for baseball!

tez said...

I love your love for baseball! You make it fun for non-baseball lovers too. :)

Faiza said...

@Aneez - c would indicate where she gets her crush on you from

@Marz - Come to Toronto and we'll go to a game together! :)

@Meghan - Perhaps I will muster up a post about Swiffers...but probably not! Maybe you should write one?

@tez - thanks!

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