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Friday, July 2, 2010

Maji's Postcard

You may remember a phone call I had with Maji on June 2nd where she informed me that she was sending me a postcard from Calgary.  Today, exactly a month later, I am happy to report that I finally got this great card  depicting Calgary's growing evening skyline. 

The journey of this postcard is an interesting one.  It costs 57 cents to send a postcard within Canada with a delivery time of up to five days. could save the 57 cents if you leave the delivery up to the trusty postmen of my family.  Let's retrace the postcard's journey, shall we?

- Maji gave the postcard to my Zul Uncle who had kind intentions of mailing it to me from Calgary.
- Amin Ada (my Dad's older brother) was visiting Calgary.  He was on his way back home to Mississauga.  Mississauga is just outside Toronto and he offered to personally accompany the postcard back to Toronto and deliver it to me.
- A week or so later (still no postcard in sight,) my Dad had a meeting in Mississauga.  Zul Uncle was flying into to Toronto from Calgary for a wedding on that same day.
- Dad picked up the postcard from Amin Ada AND picked up Zul Uncle from the airport in the same day.
- Dad takes the postcard to his home in Toronto.
- I FINALLY get the postcard when I visit my folks for Canada Day.

Here's what Maji wrote:
For those of you who can't read Maji, it says:

" Dear Faiza, 
How are you?  I am fine here but I miss you.  I am much better.  I meet my friends all the time.  You come and meet me but you can sleep with me.  

I go to Edmonton and see Sophia, Tasneem, Kamru, Shanaz and Kian.  Keysan is very sweet.

Don't worry for me. Weather is good.  I don't know English well.  Ya Ali Madat.  

Yours, Maji.
I miss Kahzmir.  
Forgive me mistake too much. 


Meghan said...

My heart is MELTING. She is so adorably sweet - it obviously runs in the family:) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Claire Kiefer said...

Seriously, that's the cutest postcard I've seen probably ever. Reading it was definitely a delightful way to begin my day. :)

Tima said...

Now that is precious. All teary eyed! Well worth the 30 day travel time!

Anonymous said...

wow! Maji always makes me smile.. thank you for sharing this with us... x

Felicity said...

What a great story. Happy weekend to you. : )

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

This is so sweet! Not only a super cute postcard message, but also a lovely story about how the card finally arrived! It's not often, we can actually document their departures and arrivals. :)

I finally got around to making my gratitude list. Happy to serendipity, which has led me here!

tez said...

How much do I love your maji!!
Thanks for sharing this, my love. x

Anna Walker said...

Oh my gosh! That is the sweetest postcard I have ever, ever, ever read! Amazing and Adorable!

Faiza said...

Thanks for all your comments folks. Maji is one of a kind and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

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