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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Experimenting with glue

This week I decided to experiment with homemade glue on some of my outgoings.  In the end, I was too chicken to see if the glue would hold up in mail and I ended up taping stuff down just to be sure!  I'll keep cooking up glue and hopefully will get the right recipe!

Micaela - A burst of colour sent from Micaela's heart whilst on her Texas family reunion.

More colour and love inside.

Wrapped up in paisleys was this beautiful giraffe!
I shall wait until my mind needs quieting to create her.

Micaela's Mom made this gorgeous crochet doily. 
It's so delicate and sweet and will sit on my bedside to hold my books.
Thanks Mama Lechuga!

Alexis sent me this great envelope covered with pages from a book as part of the Fill'er Up, Canada! swap.

Inside was a great new notebook and a homemade CD!  None of the songs on the CD are familiar to me and I am looking forward to listening to it and discovering some new music.

Some stationary from another Fill'er Up Canada!  swap partner.

Package of 100 + things for The Number 100 swap on swap-bot.

Jessica was my Totally Random Mail swap partner. 
I was trying to channel random when I started this envelope.

A letter for my Marianne in Texas.
The glue seems to be holding up.

For Megan in Australia who is filled with Glee these days.

Italian inspired envelope for Micaela in Virginia.
Used too much glue and it ended up taking a few hours to dry!

Letter to Zoe in Alberta.

...and finally some magic for Krystal from last weekend's Tall Ships Festival.
Happiest Sunday everyone.


Micaela said...

you are just so cute! I'll be sure to tell my Momma you loved it :) she'll be so happy to hear!

i always love the way you decorate your outgoings.

happy sunday sweetie! i'm off to watch a foreign film whilst still in my pajamas ;)

Tima said...

So I have to know..... what did you send 100 of?

rachel awes said...

oh faiza, i wish you well w/your glue,
& for now, you sure seem to have the
relationship glue thing down!
you & your mail, beautiful as usual! xo

Felicity said...

The Giraffe is so sweet and I love the Italian envelope. I'm gonna go google and get myself up to speed on this "homemade glue" business. ; )

Claire Kiefer said...

My favorite Faiza posts--the mail ones! You're inspiring me to create some new letters of my own today . . .

Melanie Jane said...

really I love snail mail entries! I have a couple of booksale books in my office for envelopes -- my Faiza stress relase solution - I have made tons now and given a whole bunch away!

Chat soon, we still need to do our dollar store walk!

Megan said...

Oh I am so excited about my Glee envelope!!
I also love the little snail mails, so cute.

Faiza said...

@Micaela - Hope your Sunday was wonderful!

@Tima - I sent a bunch of different things that added up to over a hundred bits and pieces. Crafty things, beads, jewellry etc.

@rachel awes - Thank you for the glue wishes!

@Felicity - Wish you luck whipping up some glue.

@Claire - Hope you wrote many letters filled with love!

@Melanie Jane - I am ready for the $ama anytime!

@Megan - Can't wait for you to get it! :)

Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

such pretty and colorful things! I love how diverse the styles are.

Meghan said...

GLEE!!! YES! That totally just made me smile!

Krystal said...

pretty pretty pretty! and homemade glue?! that's impressive!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your blog sparkles! Love the name of your blog. So much happiness over here. xx

Faiza said...

@Emma - Thanks!

@Meghan - Sue and Shew make me smile too!

@Krystal - I was impressed too. Now to find a glue recipe that doesn't take so long to dry!

@Saskia - Thanks for stopping by! Happiness to you!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

I love all of these, incoming and outgoing! Reading your mail works kind of like a crash course in gift wrapping. Absolutely adore these! Beautiful week to you!

tez said...

Hey Lovely - I sent you a couple of letters - please do let me know if the envelopes (and glue) stood up... it was a bit suspect leaving here, but I forgot to tape it up before I popped it in the post! x

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