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Monday, July 19, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Fold and Seal Stationery!

I love Fold and Seal Stationery and as soon as it comes in my mailbox, it seems to be on the way out...

Lucky for me, my Canadian penpal Zoe got my name in the My Stationery Is Not Stationary swap on swap-bot. As you can see, she makes gorgeous handmade envelopes.

And inside her envelope was some beautiful stationery including some Fold and Seal, some cute grammatically incorrect Japanese stationery (a fave of mine) and some notecards as well. THANKS ZOE!

A lovely envelope from Felicity featuring some summer thirst quenching lemonade.  Lemonade in the summer sunshine is the best!

Inside was a great note and a friendship bracelet.  I love that it can be fastened with a button.  The ladies on the note remind me of the Sex and the City gals had they been painted back in the flapper girl days. Gracias!

I just want to take my flip flops off and walk through the grass on this handmade envelope from one of my Fill'er up Canada! swap partners. 

Love the lined notebook inside!  Perfect for lists and various to-dos!

Another notebook and pen from another Fill'er up Canada! partner.

Becky decorated this envelope with gorgeous stickers (that I couldn't capture well on my camera) for the Totally Random Mail swap.

Pure randomness inside including some Fold and Seal stationery, great quotation stickers, ribbons and notecards.

A private swap postcard from a fellow Postcrossing member in Switzerland.  Oh to breathe in the air atop a lovely Swiss mountain...

Love from Cape Town in the form of a postcard from my brother Karim.

The Opera House in Sydney from Megan's travels there.

A Fold and Seal letter to the wonderful Felicity. 

Another Fold and Seal for Passion.  Love the WHAMs, THOKs and BIFFs all over the front!

A letter for my Maji in Calgary. Sigh.  Melanie shared some of her handmade envies with me.  She fastened them from a book of graffiti art.  This envelope was perfect for Maji.

Hope you are all off to a great start this Monday morning!


Marz said...

I love these posts because I love looking at all the beautiful, creative things. I'm always SO excited to get something from you so I know all the recipients of your kindess feel the same way I do. It always makes my day! :) One of the MANY things I love about you Faiza is the way you keep tradition - in a world where we can get books instantly on kindles etc. you still take advantage of the public library and instead of just relying on blogs and email to keep in touch - you keep the art of writing letters and snail mail alive! I love that about you!!! :) xo Hope you have a great week!

Phoenix Peacock said...

its so nice to see how happy your mail box must be (and you!)

Tima said...

Ethan loves the Batman envie. He wants to know why Faiza massi didn't send him one.

Krystal said...

what fantasticness!

rachel awes said...

love (to you)!

Felicity said...

What an astute observation regarding the Sex and the City comparison, I hadn't thought of that. I hope the fastener doesn't cause you too much grief. It was my first try and it's a wee bit clumsy. I just sent an "Emily" fold and mail to someone and received one of the froggy fold and mails from someone else. Haha. It's a small snail mail world. ♥

Passion said...

Could you cover my last name please? :)
I got your letter and am halfway through replying - I love love love Batman and your letter!

Claire Kiefer said...

Love these posts! You must be one busy girl with all that replying. :) Your mailbox is enviable!

Anna Walker said...

I love snail Mail! I miss it, I love getting cards in the mail on special occasions now though! :)

Megan said...

I am loving reading everyones mail posts today! Glad my postcard arrived :-)

Faiza said...

@Marz - Thank you sweet friend. You are a blessing.

@Phoenix Peacock - Thankfully, happy comes easy to me :)

@Tima - Something is on the way...

@Krystal - Thanks!

@rachel awes - and to you TOO!

@Felicity - The button fastener rocks! Thanks so much again!

@Passion - Done and can't wait to receive your letter.

@Claire Kiefer - My mailbox is waiting for YOU!

@Anna Walker - Hope for many more special occassions to find their way into your mailbox.

@Megan - Loved getting your postcard. What a lovely surprise!

christy b., that's me! said...

I always love your mail postings.
(I sent something to you as a surprise before I left on vacation...hope you got it!)

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