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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Sugar high!

So many delicious treats accompanied the mail this week. I'm gratefully on a sugar high...
Zoe - Another terrific handmade envie from Zoe, a great letter and some of her terrific photographic postcards.
You can get your own postcards from Zoe through her Etsy shop.

Marianne - Oh what fun it was to open this brown paper package stamped with love from my sweet Texan friend Marianne!  It made a chime like sound when I shook it and I had no idea what to expect!
Marianne's treats included a shot glass and some Chicago Cubs Pez from her recent trip, some cashew and coffee chocolate from her Papa's mission trip to Honduras, some more yummy chocolate, a lovely note and a delectably scented vanilla candle.  YUM!

Passion - Passion was my partner in her very own New Friend Swap.
She's my newest and youngest pen pal.
I love her excellent use of stickers and her generosity.
So thankful for the fold-and-mail envelope, a beautiful Japanese notebook and lots of lined stationery!   
More lined stationery, envelopes, some chewy Strawberry candy and cards.

 Sheba - A gorgeous envelope and letter from a most beautiful person.  
This made my heart so happy. 
Funny thing is that I had just popped something random in the mail for her that same day.  
Great minds!

Megan - Love this handmade envelope from Australia!
Treats from Megan.

Candy Swap - My Swap-bot Candy Swap partner sent sugary treats all the way from England. YUM!  
They spilled out of the enveloped like this.
And were unwrapped to reveal this! Sugar high!

Felicity - A simple handmade envie with treats for the brilliant Felicity!

Tez - Love in an envelope.

Anisha and Maya - My attempt at re-purposing plastic as wrapping for my cousin and niece in Brighton.

Swap-bot "Fill'er up Canada!" packages.  For this swap, you were assigned four Canadian partners.
I created some googly eyed creatures for Jaz.

Handmade envie for Catherine.

Random designs for Kata.

Another handmade envie for Michelle.  
She loves mushrooms so I was able to use the label that Bianca sent me.

Random Mail Swap- I had two partners in this Swap-bot exchange.  
Both envelopes were doodled while on the phone.

Sheba - An Angry Little Girls end of the school year postcard.

Claire - A first letter to Claire in California.
And now my friends, I need to brush my teeth.


cerebral e said...

I am glad you have lots of mail to read while you're waiting for my may not come until after my exam! Sorry.

Tima said...

It must be so much fun coming home to find lovely treats waiting for you.

Krystal said...

I want your mailbox! :)

tez said...

Yay - I can't wait to get my envie and card from you! I love you, darling. x :)

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

These are beautiful! How fun on the giving and receiving side! :) Happy 4th!

Melanie Jane said...

My favourite - Snail tales are part of my weekly excitment -- I wonder and wait, what will she get today????? My Faiza inspired hobby is a hit, my homemade toronto envelop landed in Ireland with a big splash. My dear friend loved it and laughed the entire time reading all about when and where we would doing things when she comes on her visit - and that was before she opened the package to treats inside!

Megan said...

Yay I am so glad my letter arrived I was beginning to think that it may have been lost. I have lots of mail to send out tomorrow I love going to the post office with lots of things to send.

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to receive your letter in that adorable envelope!

rachel awes said...

faiza, what a stash!!! love your candies & teeth brushing closing comment! love that homemade australian envelope!! & the one above it w/birds & paisleys! ALL of it! you are rich beyond measure, dear!xo

Faiza said...

@cerebral e- can't wait to hear from you!

@Tima - how fun indeed!

@Krystal - Tee hee hee!

@tez - love you too!

@Heather - Happy 4th!

@Melanie Jane - I love that story!

@Megan - I am headed to the post office tomorrow too! Yay!

@Claire - Happy 4th friend!

@rachel awes - am the richest indeed!

Felicity said...

Hi Faiza,
I received your package on Saturday. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, it really made my day!! : )

Café Bellini said...

I adore Japanese stationery! They have the best stuff, seriously. And I know that Hi-chew!

Faiza said...

@Felicity - My pleasure!

@ Cafe Bellini - Those Hi-Chew didn't make it past two days alone with me in the house. YUM!

memtree said...

oh wow! such an amazing lot of snail mail! you lucky girl!

Abby said...

These swaps/letters sound so creative and fun! I used to love to write snail mail. I still absolutely love it, but I have no money to buy stamps.

Micaela said...

is there anything more delightful than a happy mailbox full of love?

my twinkie just adores you! (as do i)

i need to get back to my Mail Time Mondays.

you made me laugh at the last line :) You're too CUTE!

Faiza said...

@memetree - i'm the luckiest!

@abby - hope you will one day get to write snail mail again!

@micaela - YOU are too cute! hearts to you.

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