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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crowning Glory!

The Detroit Tigers are in town and it is an All You Can Eat weekend at the Dome.  Shout out to Tiger fans Jenni in Motor City and Iain across the border in Windsor!

Having scored my last Jays game, I felt some sort of fan sport was in order.  I created a special All You Can Eat competition for the evening.  The individual who was able to eat the most food would win a prize.

Our special guest for the evening was this seventh month old cutie Reyhan.
As the game progressed, it was determined that the coveted prize would be a majestic, shiny crown made of recycled hot dog wrappers (Minaz, aren't you so proud of me????)

The crown was fashioned after a few valiant attempts, an evolving style (as more and more hot dogs were consumed) and restyling.  Point values were assigned to the various items on the menu.  We all wanted to feel the power of the crown and took turns trying it on for size.  Jess was able to add colour to the crown with our recycled gum wrappers.

Aaron looks so regal once the "delicious and nutritious" sign is fastened front and centre!

Leanne gets a bit emotional when it's her turn.

Reyhan wants a try too.

Hot dog consumption suddenly soared and the crown gained a trestle like piece across the top as well as a duckling companion.

We decided the duck needed to participate in the festivities in order to stay.

Food was only served until the 7th inning and Roy was clearly the winner.

He didn't seem excited to wear the crown.  Perhaps I need to adjust the rules of the game.  Next time we play, the loser has to wear the crown!

A close up of the game results for those of you who may wisely decide to play it yourselves.  

A collective food coma started to set in and we began to simmer down.

As the game went into extra innings and with no food to distract us, we began to find other ways to amuse ourselves.  Jess had heard that it was not possible to fold a piece of paper 8 times.  She was determined to prove this theory wrong.  Sadly, she was unsuccessful.

I told her that I heard it was impossible to rip a piece of paper in half, stack it and repeat this 8 times.  She was up to the challenge and once again....defeat!  Aaron found this funny.  See how that brief dalliance with the crown affected him?  Its powers are highly under rated.

The Jays won the game in the 11th inning thanks to Aaron Hill's RBI single.   Our special guest and his entourage were thrilled!

We cheered, clapped and waved our rally towels and with bellies full we headed out into a beautiful and breezy Friday night.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nerdy at the ballpark!

Shame on me!  It's been two and a half months since I've been to the ballpark.  Last time I was there, Alida and I helped to welcome the Yankees.  Naaz and I did that again this evening.  We decided to score the game which was a first for me.

We bought our programs from the surly dude outside the Dome who has been selling them there forever!  

With our programs in hand, we headed on in!

Over the Yankee dugout singing the American and Canadian national anthems.

Catching up with Maureen!  She is our favorite usher and was working one section over from us.

The Dome was open and a beautiful sky sat above us as the game went on below. At this very moment, I was feeling extremely lucky to be living in Toronto and especially to have been born in Canada. 

Things got off to a rocky start.  Naaz and I had a bit of a hard time getting going.  She had some difficulties filling out her Blue Jay roster and I was so distracted by the different coloured markers that I had to keep asking Naaz to fill me in on the plays. In the meantime, the Yankees kept hitting home runs.  GROAN!  Naaz makes her feelings known on her card.

When you are scoring the game, you really can't take time out and stop.  Naaz and I steal a moment together.

During the seventh inning stretch there was a flashback of Joe Carter just after his 1993 World Series winning home run!  His smile is  ELECTRIC!

Naaz wants this hat.  Wondering if we can incorporate it into her wedding festivities in some way...

Game's over and look what we've done!

My completed score card, filled with doodles and random thoughts...

My Jays were especially awful tonight.  The bullpen was terrible but as was SO MUCH FUN! 

Check out the impressive Yankee performance.  They won 11-5.


Thanking my Toronto Blue Jays for another entertaining night at the ballpark.

Thank you to the kind Scott Buck (no relation to John Buck) and his Mom (in her Yankee hat) for scoring two innings for me so I could relish a hot dog.  They are Torontonians with roots in New York.  They cheer for the Yankees when they are in town.  I love it when I get good seatmates!

And the biggest thanks of all to my Naaz.  I love that we can be nerds together, laugh out loud, dream about outrageous centre pieces and appreciate a good Crunchy Cheeto.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - So many treats for me!

Fatima - My cousin sent me the COOLEST handmade envie covered in beautiful giraffes.  This was her first attempt at handmade envies and she did a great job!  Inside, it was packed with stamps for my Dad as well as stickers, notecards and postcards for me!  Thanks Tima!

Minaz - A month after she came home from a seven week vacation to Africa, I got this postcard from Minaz from her travels in Kenya.  Now she's just come back from a wedding in Calgary!  I can't keep track of her!

Postcrossing - A card from North Little Rock in Arkansas.  I don't get you?

Love the Calvin and Hobbes stamp! 

Vanessa - A sweet birdy to say thank you from my sister-in-law for her baby shower goodies! 
(Marianne - Notice the Royal Mail sticker, I photographed it just for you my friend.)

Marianne - Marianne is one of the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful blog friends I have.  She took a last minute trip to Florida and just before her first blog meet up, she found the time to send postcards.  She is truly special.

Micaela - Marianne's twin Micaela is just as generous as her sister. She sent me a lovely little pink package that lit up my whole mailbox!
Inside were some cute giraffe stickers, vanilla cupcake lip balm, a great snail mailing stamp and my favorite bit of all....a note from Micaela.  Thank you so much!!

Felicty - I love anything to do with Felicity.  She wanders through this world to a beat so different from mine and I find it truly fascinating!  Check out her blog's regular Friday Froth feature.  The stamps on the front of her letter are terrific. 
Her art work is so unique and peppered with bursts of vibrant colours.  Check out the brunch she left for me on the back of her envie. One of the eggs and the toast are 3D!

Farah - My template twin Farah sent me some golden hearts from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a lovely long letter.

Zoe - One of the first things I ever learned about Zoe is that she loves movies with talking dogs.  So when I saw this poster at the theatre, I decided it would make the perfect envelope for my next letter to her.

Meghan -  A little something I doodled while on a conference call.  Thank you Meghan for a great belated birthday surprise! If you aren't already following her blog, you really should.

Claire - Birthday treats for the lovely and talented Claire.  You can read about what is inside here.

Hope you are having a happy mail week! 
I've got some letters to write.  Ciao!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Isaac!

It is a jubilant time for the Kanjis and Abelas!

My sister-in-law Vanessa gave birth to a beautiful, healthy and happy boy on Friday August 20th 2010 at 5:49pm (BST.) He's 7 pounds 6 ounces of joy and his name is Isaac Jaffer Kanji.  Isaac means "he who laughs" and Jaffer was my Dad's hilarious father. 

I am so proud of Vanessa and my brother Aneez.  This makes me a fui for the second time.  Fui means my father's younger sister and is a title I feel so honoured to have.

Dear Isaac,

Hello my friend!  It is so nice to finally meet you! 

You are one of the luckiest kids in the world.  Your Momma and Papa love to have fun.  They are generous, caring, so wise and so kind.  The last time I spent time with them, your Papa made your Momma laugh so hard that she cried - at least once a day.  I think you have the perfect name. 

I am so looking forward to tickling you, singing to you and holding you in my arms.

I love you,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meine Deutschen Freunde! (My German friends!)

My Suzie is home!  Only for a week or so but I'll take it!  She's currently living in Stuttgart with her German love Timo.  Sunday night, they came over for a visit.  I love spending time with Suzie and Timo especially when we discuss Canadian and German culture and try to make sense of our respective cultural references for one another.  One such example is when Suzie and I tried to explain to Timo how important Joey Jeremiah was in our upbringing.  How do you explain Joey to someone who has never experienced Degrassi?  We may have to inflict a  The Kids of Degrassi Street marathon on Timo...

Suzie and Timo arrived just in time to watch a beautiful sunshower over the Toronto skyline.  Timo had only been on my couch for a few minutes when he spotted on the word Wanderlust" on a photobook that my friend Kushan had loaned me. Neither of them had ever heard the term which is derived from two German words wandern which means to hike and Lust which means what you think it means. 

We took a walk over to the Hot and Spicy Festival where I picked up some Jerk Chicken sauce and spicy Caribbean chick peas.  After appetizers that included chicken pakoras, veggie and meat samosas and ambli , we had dinner at Il Fornello over looking the lake on a breezy patio.  As we walked back to my place, Timo again zoned in on some German when he noticed this sticker for a German football club on a railing.  The writing says "My City, My Club."

I have to admit that at this point I was starting to get a little sleepy. I had been up since 5am for work and fueled by a general lack of sleep over the past two weeks.  When I get tired, I get a bit silly.  In this state of mind I made a very heart felt attempt to learn German by inserting the word meine into as many places in a single sentence as was possible.  Timo, Suzie and I made our way to meine rooftop patio.  A storm was coming in and the three of us were hot and sweaty from the humidity.  I was secretly hoping it would rain down all over meine head.

Suzie took a photo of me with Timo. Notice the sky behind us.

I quickly switched spots with meine Suze and took this next picture.  Notice the sky only a few seconds later.

We sat and watched Donner und Blitzen (thunder and lightning) just a few blocks away but der Sturm never made its way over to us.  We ended the evening as a sweaty trio.  Meine Deutschen Freunde bid me Auf Wiedersehen with hugs and laughter at my poor German linguistic skills.  Can't wait to see meine Suzie again this weekend!