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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crowning Glory!

The Detroit Tigers are in town and it is an All You Can Eat weekend at the Dome.  Shout out to Tiger fans Jenni in Motor City and Iain across the border in Windsor!

Having scored my last Jays game, I felt some sort of fan sport was in order.  I created a special All You Can Eat competition for the evening.  The individual who was able to eat the most food would win a prize.

Our special guest for the evening was this seventh month old cutie Reyhan.
As the game progressed, it was determined that the coveted prize would be a majestic, shiny crown made of recycled hot dog wrappers (Minaz, aren't you so proud of me????)

The crown was fashioned after a few valiant attempts, an evolving style (as more and more hot dogs were consumed) and restyling.  Point values were assigned to the various items on the menu.  We all wanted to feel the power of the crown and took turns trying it on for size.  Jess was able to add colour to the crown with our recycled gum wrappers.

Aaron looks so regal once the "delicious and nutritious" sign is fastened front and centre!

Leanne gets a bit emotional when it's her turn.

Reyhan wants a try too.

Hot dog consumption suddenly soared and the crown gained a trestle like piece across the top as well as a duckling companion.

We decided the duck needed to participate in the festivities in order to stay.

Food was only served until the 7th inning and Roy was clearly the winner.

He didn't seem excited to wear the crown.  Perhaps I need to adjust the rules of the game.  Next time we play, the loser has to wear the crown!

A close up of the game results for those of you who may wisely decide to play it yourselves.  

A collective food coma started to set in and we began to simmer down.

As the game went into extra innings and with no food to distract us, we began to find other ways to amuse ourselves.  Jess had heard that it was not possible to fold a piece of paper 8 times.  She was determined to prove this theory wrong.  Sadly, she was unsuccessful.

I told her that I heard it was impossible to rip a piece of paper in half, stack it and repeat this 8 times.  She was up to the challenge and once again....defeat!  Aaron found this funny.  See how that brief dalliance with the crown affected him?  Its powers are highly under rated.

The Jays won the game in the 11th inning thanks to Aaron Hill's RBI single.   Our special guest and his entourage were thrilled!

We cheered, clapped and waved our rally towels and with bellies full we headed out into a beautiful and breezy Friday night.


Tima said...

12 hot dogs!!!! Blimey!!!!

Tima said...

OOPS!!!! Am learning to read. But 6 dogs plus nachos! Blimey!

Phoenix Peacock said...

haha, you guys are too funny.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Sounds like a fun night-
We love going to Jay's games.

Claire Kiefer said...

I LOVE REYHAN! I'm afraid I might not have been able to participate in the challenge cause I would have been way to focused on playing with the baby. :) Speaking of the challenge . . . Faiza, you're going to have to seriously work on your mass-food-consumption skills before your next all you can eat venture, haha!

There's a pho restaurant in SF that has a challenge . . . they serve this ENORMOUS bowl of pho (seriously, HUGE) and if you eat the entire thing, it's free (otherwise I think it's like $22). Seems like few have conquered it. I can't eat pho (not vegetarian), not that I think I could win anyway . . . but stuff like that always makes me want to try!

Meghan said...

Holy cow, what a challenge! I love how you turned a baseball game into yet another fun and special evening!

Pamela MacCrostie said...

Love, love, love to read your blogs! You Kanji's are definitely a talented bunch, I'm so happy to be able to say I know you guys!

KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Love how you get so into a game! Kudos on the recycled crown. Now that's using your noggin!

MrsWhiffin said...

All you can eat hot dogs...sounds like heaven.

I need you help, i was browsing through your blog on my iphone on the way to work, and I came across one of your commenters blogs. It was fabulous and now I can't find it :( The title was something "mixtape"? Help Faiza, your my only hope :)

MrsWhiffin said...

Thank you so much!! That was the right one!!

Marz said...

I LOVE your ballpark posts :) I have only been to one Texas Rangers game and I have to say I wish you had been there to make it more amusing! :) I love the photos!!! If I had been there I would have to say I would have TOTALLY taken the crown and duck!! :) I def have mad skills when it comes to all you can eat :) xo hope you have a lovely week!

Micaela said...

seriously, can i go to a game with y'all ;) of course i would win in the eating contest! ha


Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

Wow that sounds so fun - everyone is a winner in that type of contest! And that little baby is adorable.

rachel awes said...

you are one fun & beautiful gang!
lots of love & cheer to you, dear friend!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

You just have so much fun all the time, I love it! Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend! xoxo

Megan said...

Haha this looks like so much fun. I think I could give the food eating competition a good go! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog today, the other people in the photo were her bridesmaids and groomsmen. One of who actually made it to the party on Saturday.

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