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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Americans are fun!

My American friends to the South have been incredibly generous.  Full of surprises and love and cheer.  Thank you!

Meghan - An amazing surprise from the hilarious and sweet Meghan.  Gifts from her hometown of Chicago sent as a belated birthday gift.  I carry the notebook she sent me back in April everyday and I've already started using this great Beatles notebook.  Can't wait to use the playing cards, markers and crayons. Thank you so much!

Carolee - Great notebooks and snail mail seals from Californian Carolee's giveaway over at Make Every Day a Good Mail Day. Check out her great shop.

Claire - A lovely letter from the kind, intelligent and hardworking Claire.  She's also in California. I love her use of fabric and stamps. 
The timely quote on the front of her card.

Claire also gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. I am supposed to share seven things about me and tag 15 blogs.  I can't only pick 15 so I am tagging everyone!  You're it!
Seven things about me:
1. You can find one of my favorite blogs here.
2. My favorite colours are blue and green.
3. I recently used Gel Medium to glue a puzzle together in order to have it framed.
4. I read my daily horoscope here.
5. I think it might be fun to have Christopher Plummer be the voice on my answering machine.  Him or Morgan Freeman  They can verbally battle it out.
6. I am watching Flight of the Conchords Season Two while blogging. 
7. This is the book I took out from the library on Tuesday  Seriously.

Thank you Claire!

Krista - She only had to write one simple line inside of this card to make me laugh out loud!

Zoe - I get so excited when I see Zoe's hand writing in my mailbox.  Her letters to me are wonderful and I love taking the time to sit down without distraction and write back to her.

RJ - A handmade set of notes featuring lovely giraffes and some great cards as part of the Canadian - No Spending Swap #2. You had to fill an envelope with things around the house and could only spend money on postage.  If you haven't dallied over at Swap-bot yet, you should.  Thanks so much RJ!

Marianne - Lucky Marianne has had a blessed summer spending time with her loving family who are usually spread across the globe.  She took some time out from her visit to the zoo to send me this postcard.  I hope to spend at least one day of my life in her company.  It would surely be the fastest that 24 hours have ever flown by!

Postmuse - An unexpected postcard from Postmuse as a thank you for participating in her "My Stationery is Not Stationary" swap. How nice is she?  Her mailbox is featured on the front.  Check out her Orphaned Postage Project here.

Melanie - Great handmade envelopes from Melanie.  When she isn't doing amazing work with children with autism or being a great Mom and loving wife or being an incredible listener and friend, she zens out by making envelopes and then shares them with moi!

Christy - Another snail mail surprise from south of the border and Christy.  We met through Postcrossing and found out we have something in common - The Young and the Restless! But not that many people know that about her so keep it to yourself okay? She'll come out of the closet soon enough. I love the high school initials in the heart on the front of this box.
She included this poem on the "roof" of the box. The way she signed off is awesome!
And filled the box up with these delights!

Christy - I wrapped up the same box Christy sent to me and included my own poem and treats. I love that the box has visited my home and will make its way back to hers in Kentucky!

Marco - A package for Micaela's brother who is currently serving in Iraq.  He likes Mariah Carey so I tattooed him to her thigh...
Goodies from Canada for Marco and his friends!

Karen - My package to Karen for the Canadian - No Spending Swap #2.
Ethan - Superhero fun for Ethan in Tanzania.
Signing off filled to the brim with thanks...


Felicity said...

Such a plethora of fun eye candy. I love the Beatles notebook, Wonder Woman card, the sweet little giraffe, the handmade 'lopes and your big "E" illustration. Awesomeness!

christy b., that's me! said...

Yeah, I am so glad you got the box!
It was so fun to put together.
(Glad you noticed you and Victor 4-ever...LOL)
I am looking forward to your surprises...I have really been down. :o(

Things are looking up though!
School starts next week and I am excited to meet all those 5th and 6th graders!

Take care (and Victor)!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

It just so warms my heart to read these posts! :) Also feeling pretty brimming with thanks right about now.


Phoenix Peacock said...

wow. what inspiring ingoing and outgoings your mailbox has offered you!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love Faiza and I love mail posts! Thank you for fulfilling my blogging request (heehee), and with my favorite: your mail posts! I love reading them so much. Glad you got my letter! Looking forward to writing you another one. lots of love . . . xoxo!

Krystal said...

how fun!

Micaela said...

such fun mail! can i just tell you i LAUGHED OUT LOUD when i saw the package you sent my brother-- that mariah and tat is PRICELESS!!! i'm going to post that on his fb wall i LOVE it sooo much! you are just tooooo cute!!!

you deserve all your love letters-- you truly are the most wonderful person EVER!!!

ps. how pretty is claire's writing?!

bklyn76 said...

so much fun in one little mailbox!

i didn't know there were *s'mores* goldfish!

Joana G. said...

Such beautiful things, I feel delighted to see mail posts. :)

Great :)


Tima said...

Ethan loves getting mail. He's been jealous of my swapbot mail, so he'll be chuffed to receive one from you.

Marie said...

You have such sweet friends!:D

I am your newest follower!:D
Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

Ms. Chyme said...

nice :)

Lisa said...

How do you keep up with this all, Faiza!? You are a dedicated snail mailer! Your cheer makes the trip around the world in many forms!

Tayebug said...

Wow, you get a lot of stuff in the mail. My mail consists of mostly bills. YUCK!

Micaela said...

speaking of your mariah carey package... for you:

my brother took a picture in Iraq holding your package! seriously awesome.


Meghan said...

Oh wow! Your mailbox is filled to the brim! So glad you enjoyed the package! Just wanted to send you something that would make you smile!

rachel awes said...

you rock, faiza!
loooooove you & all your mail!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

I haven't had any mail for so long its so good to see someone elses.

Pretty Little Paper Love said...

I agree with bursts of bubbles, it makes me want to go check the mail!!

minders via swapbot

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