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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maji's 89th - Round One!

My Maji is 89 today. 

I expressed my gratitude last year and am so lucky for another year spent with her.  Thank you Mom and Dad for doing an amazing job taking care of her, keeping her safe and making her laugh.

Here is tonight's joy in pictures.  Stay tuned for Round Two of our celebrations tomorrow!

The birthday girl and her Black Forest Cake!

My Dad, Maji and my Mom.  A TERRIFIC trio!

My new favourite picture!

Karim, Minaz and Kahzmir about to cause an icing overdose! 

Kahzmir and his Great Grandma!

A common interaction between Maji and I.  She gets unruly and I have to lay down the law.


Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet. 
~Gene Perret


Claire Kiefer said...

I loved seeing these pictures earlier on facebook and I love seeing them now. They are so sweet, and your family's love makes your wonderful heart make all the more sense. Your maji is SO BEAUTIFUL--so pretty! And she looks so full of light! I adore her. :)

MrsWhiffin said...

She looks amazing for 89!! Happy birthday Maji!!

Riaz said...

hahaha, Faiza! That gangsta pic of you and Maji is my favourite yet!

Tima said...

I love your "lay down the law" shot.

Happy Birthday Maji.

Felicity said...

Happy birthday Maji! Your family looks so fun and joyful. : )

Erin said...

Lovely! And I totally had to laugh at the bit about Maji getting unruly!

I really wish my grandma was still around. She loved a good birthday party...

bklyn76 said...

haha, i used that quote with my parents, except in your case i think it should be "grandchildren are there to help the grandparent get into mischief they haven't thought of yet!"

happy birthday, maji! looks like all the love around you is keeping you young!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Faiza, I'm calling this the smile series! Your family has the most wonderful smiles, and I love seeing Maji's sequence of smiles and mini trouble breakout :)

Also, your comment the other day about whispering your wishes to the eucalyptus made me so happy!

Beautiful weekend to you! xox

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures and great qoute at the end.
Happy Birthday, Maji! 89 and looking fine!! ; )
Surrounded by a fun and loving family. Thanks for sharing your lovely moments here with all of us, Faiza.

Stephanie said...

Awww, haha. What cute pictures! I LOVE the one where she's getting unruly and you're laying down the law. haha. Too sweet!!
Happy Birthday, sure do look good for 89!!!

Micaela said...

oh my goodness, i LOVE her!!! :) how adorable! she is the cutest birthday girl! x

Mrs.B said...

These pictures are all so wonderful. I am glad your grandmother is happy, healthy, and around... to see her amazing fmaily grow before her eyes.

My grandmother raised me and I loved her more than ANYTHING on earth. I loved sharing this moment with you, your family, and your readers!

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