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Friday, October 22, 2010

Anona's Harem

A moon or two ago, my colleague Anona was telling me about her beautiful dog Nori who passed away this spring.  I was taken by the emotion in her voice for her beloved friend. We started talking about pets and I shared with her that never having grown up with pets, I was a little apprehensive about dogs in particular.

I'm not scared of dogs.  I just haven't spent enough time around them to feel comfortable with their movements and mannerisms.  When a dog is just trying to be friendly and jumps up on me, my reaction is to turn away and shield myself.  I've been feeling kind of guilty about inflicting this mild form of rejection on innocent and loving animals.  Anona, being the kind and nurturing woman that she is, invited me over for dinner and a play date with her dogs. We've had this plan for a few weeks now and as the day has been drawing closer, my nervousness has been mounting.  Today at work, while I was telling Frances how nervous I was, Anona was telling Terry that she hoped the dogs wouldn't embarrass her.

We arrived at Anona's house and she warned me that the dogs would be excited to see me and would jump up on me.  She was right.  They did.  Anona went into the kitchen to let the dogs outside to burn off some energy when she discovered this:
A half empty bag of dog treats...

All of a sudden Anona called out "Don't come in here!"  Well if that wasn't an invitation to come in, I really don't know what is - so in I went and discovered this:
Yes, that is what you think it is.

Upon further inspection, I also saw this:
Feeling bad for whomever has the upset tummy.

Anona was incredibly embarrassed while I thought that the whole thing was hilarity!  I'd like to believe that Seeky the Labradoodle and his Chihuahua pals Homer and Gaston gorged themselves on dog treats all day and then got sick all over the kitchen as a way to break the ice! 
Seeky looks so guilty in the back of his crate.

I quickly let go of whatever reservations I had while photographing Anona having to clean up the ice breaker of a mess.

While Anona got her mop on, I tried to lend a hand by gathering some intel from Bob Marley the canary.  We know he witnessed the massacre of gourmet doggy treats from his perch.  Bob Marley remained loyal under fire.  I got nothing out of him.
A prosecutor's worst nightmare.

Dinner was delicious!  Anona and Larry are a real culinary team in the kitchen.  Our meal began with a generous cheese and olive tray, followed by a hearty and toe warming winter soup and terrific tossed salad.  Larry served up a savoury salmon (best one I've had this year) with broccoli and onion rice.  Oh and it didn't stop there, we also had some rainbow sorbet for dessert!  YUM!

Then came the time for the play portion of this date!  I watched Gaston and Homer battle on the kitchen floor.
Gaston and Homer duke it out.  
When they play fight like this, their yapping comes out as what I can only describe as a Donald Duck accent.

As Anona bathed in cuddles whenever she could from her harem of dogs, I began to feel really comfortable.
A joyful Anona hugs Gaston as the loyal Bob Marley looks on thankful that the evening's earlier drama is long forgotten.

I watched to see how Anona picked the dogs up and decided to try it out for myself.
Success!  Gaston and I snuggle as he flirts with the camera. 

Thankful tonight for the dog hairs stuck to my chocolate brown cords.  Footprints from my new canine friends!


Felicity said...

I myself, just can't handle all the attention that dogs require, it's like they're always "on." Good for you for making peace with the puppies.

Bob Marley is more my type. : )

Munira said...

ha! i love this post my friend.

Amina said...

Looks like rainbows have been a theme for your dinners this week!
I can totally relate about the way you feel about dogs... I have gotten slightly more comfortable over time.
Have a great weekend!

Kirsten said...

This is the greatest post... I love the part about the intel!

Cameron said...

I have always been a dog person....grew up with mom refers to me as "sissy" around them...haha! I have cats now...which are enjoyeable in their own lazy, purring way....but am looking forward to owning a dog someday :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

you should start with old dogs that have been raised by little kids. they are used to people pulling their fur, their wiskers, their tails and they are just SO laid back because you won't be torturing them the way a two year old does!
my German Shepherds on the other hand tend to bring out people's fear response rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Why do I need to read books when you post such brilliant writings! Greatest posting ever!
love,peace & joy


bklyn76 said...

wow, never thought i'd seen dog vomit or pee on a gratitude blog! ;) love how you can make even a worse-case-scenario so comical. i'll be thinking of you the next time i have to clean up cassius's mess.

Meghan said...

Aww! Dogs can be so crazy, but they are adorable! I am glad you found some puppy love by the end of the night!

Melanie Jane said...

|This is a fantastic entry ! I am a cat person myself, but i live with two very hopeful want to be dog owners.

Lisa said...

What a scene! We're adapting to life with a dog, still getting used to each other. I can't imagine having multiple pets!

You have such fun dinner dates, Faiza ; O
Thanks for sharing your fun re-tellings--complete with pictures of the canary!

Have a wonderful weekend--With or without pets!

Marz said...

See there you are a natural holding Gaston! :) I LOVE dogs! The reason is the joy that is clearly on Anona's face as she holds her little baby :) I just adore the expression on her face :) You are so cute Faiza - I love this post! I cannot get over the amount of mess these little dogs created!! haha I think they were just as nervous getting to meet such a beautiful girl like you that they gorged themselves before your arrival :) I am not a big fan of birds, but I think Bob Marley may change my mind. You had me giggling over him :)

Krystal said...

How cute!! (well, not the first few pics, haha) - you'd love my dog too :)

Stephanie said...

Hahaha. This post cracked me up! I'm not much of an animal person either, but I seem to have grown attached to my kiddos dog and her little puppies! :) I miss my internet and catching up on everyones blogs!

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