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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here's to the letter B!

I would formally like to dedicate this past Sunday to the letter B!  I started out the morning having brunch with my bestie Shafik at one of my favourite breakfast places, Over Easy.  Shafik was just coming down from what he called his best drag performance ever at the Boobyball. 

Next up was a basketball game with my friend Ameera.  The Raptors beat the Pheonix Suns in this exhibition game 121-100.  And for scoring more than 100 points, we all got a free slice of pizza!
Gratuitous bum shot of Grant Hill for Ameera. 

Ameera and I blissed out at the end of the game.

After the game, I headed uptown to my cousin Shelina's house. Her hubby Akhter was making a butter chicken feast!  First he made naan bread from scratch.
A contrapation that Akhter made so that he could slide the naan dough onto a stone plate in the oven. He's bit intense in the kitchen.

The bread rises and gets crispy.

Brushed with butter and ready to eat!

This is me creeping their spices.  I like to return the kindness of a good host by checking out their bookcases and spice racks.

As I mentioned, our chef was intense.  We were feeling a little left out of the cooking process and decided the time was right for some of our own culinary creativity!  We decided on an obvious item to compete with our chef's home made naan and butter chicken...and so we embarked on the creation of a rainbow array of ice cubes.
We used food colouring in primary colours, water, a straw and 45 minutes of time we will never get back to create this masterpiece of ice cubes.

We entrusted Nabeel to transport the cubes to the freezer. (In pig Latin, his name means,"He with the steady hands")

Someone graffitis the back of our chef with flour.  It had come to that.

My butter chicken dinner.  I gave it a 10 out of 10!

Random shot of the shoe area.  Have you ever had guests who arrange their shoes so neatly?

It was time for dessert and so we celebrated my niece Haseena's arrival into her 20s with this pink velvet birthday cake! It was delicious.  Kind of a cross between a red velvet and carrot cake.

I got to close out the night with a quick visit with my Mom, Dad and Maji.  While talking to my balding Dad, I noticed that one of his hairs had a split end.  A bald man with split ends!  I couldn't stop laughing!

Thankful for the letter b and that my family can laugh at themselves!


Claire Kiefer said...

OMG I so needed this laugh. This might be my favorite post of yours to date. I love words and letters and a balding man with split ends?? Perfect!

This looks so cheerful and fun and yummy, and it's always delightful to be surrounded by so many people you love. As for rainbow ice cubes, I'm totally trying them. :)

Tima said...

You really make me homesick sometimes. Sounds like a lovely evening. How did the ice turn out?

Krystal said...

this is a Brilliant post. i used b! i love the flour graffiti too :)

Felicity said...

Those ice cubes are beautiful. I wanna see what they look like when melt and the colors drip and swirl together. : )

Lisa said...

The rainbow ice cubes (I love rainbows), and the man with the steady hands in charge of safely transporting them--You are so clever, Faiza! My daughter's class put blue ice cubes in lemonade to see what happens when blue and yellow have lots of colors to experiment with ; )

Anonymous said...

That's the best picture in the world!! I loved going to the game with you... yay GRANT!!

bklyn76 said...

your dad needs some leave-in conditioner.

i'm craving butter chicken and naan now...maybe i can convince my dad to stall his nap and make some!

Erin said...

Mmmmm, naan bread... Sooooo good....

MrsWhiffin said...

How great do those naans look!
I am impressed with the organization of those spices too!

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