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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Monday night, I ventured west to another area code. I took the GO train to the 905, and more specifically Brampton, to visit with Kirsten.  Kirsten was my Manager at my previous job and is now a good friend.  She and her husband Ken are parents to 3 year old Kaycie Jayne and 3 month old Knolan.  Kaycie is filled with energy and light!  She has an independence and sass about her that I love!  Our pre-dinner entertainment included colouring mermaids, debating the finer points of seaweed pigment and intense staring competitions. 

Our yummy slow cooker dinner.

On this cold and rainy night, Kirsten, Ken and I chatted away while enjoying a savoury, warm, slow cooked chicken chili on their country cottage wooden table. All of a sudden we heard a bellow from the bathroom.  We couldn't quite make it out at first so we listened again.  I knew it was Kaycie and I knew it was coming from the bathroom but none of us could make out what she was saying.  We listened intently and finally booming and loudly, Kaycie was heard saying, "I NEED TO BE WIPED NOW!"

After a roar of laughter, she emerged and dinner turned into dessert where she got into the ice cream.

Sweet Kaycie with ice cream all over.

Kaycie tries to lick the ice cream off her face but can't get her tongue to point up.

After an evening reading from the Treasury of Jillian Jiggs (one of my childhood favourites,) a sugar filled Kaycie went to bed.  Attention then turned to Ken's homemade antenna.  This DIY creation gives these owners of a 62" HD television a grogeous feed!  And it's all legal.  I think the Domino's box particulary sticks it to the man.
Ken's home made TV antenna.

Kirsten, Ken and I had a heart warming chat while little Knolan was rocked to sleep.  All in all it was a terrific visit to Brampton!  Thanks Kirsten, Ken, Kaycie and Knolan!

Knolan in his new Tigger pjs.


Kirsten said...

You make our home sound so inviting! Since you left, Kaycie has been grilling me about when we will go to "our good friend Faiza's house" and do "on your mark, get set, go!" She really enjoyed your visit... as did the rest of us. :-)

Marie said...

How cute are those kids?!:D

***** Marie *****

Claire Kiefer said...

Sweetie pies! And what a family full of Ks! I love that you love kiddos, just like I do <3

Meghan said...

Umm, those kids are TOO CUTE! Sounds like a perfect evening!

Salim Kanji said...

You are one terific storey teller and a writer!

Krin said...

Tooo funny!! Sounds like a fun night in the 905...I tell you, its a terrific area code!! :)
Kaycie is such a little girl And what a cutie Knolan is... KK is a lucky mommy! xo

heather yalin said...

Awww, love those tiger pj's! I've been doing some munchkin pj shopping myself! Sounds like a wonderful visit to a new area code :)

Marz said...

AHAHAHA I giggled at Kayci's announcement that she was through in the loo! :) They are the most ADORABLE kiddos!!! :) I love seeing how much you adore children and how good you are with them :) Sounds like a lovely evening in the country haha (is 902 considered the country?) That dinner looks PERFECT for a cold and rainy day!

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