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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just another Friday night at book club...

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness was Makeda's pick for October's book club.  We planned to met in The Annex with hopes of a yummy dinner at Insomnia.   I happened upon the girls standing outside the restaurant where our dear Makeda was apologizing for the fact that this happened to be the one night that they had an 80 person reservation.  She loves her neighbourhood and wanted to show off this part of the city.

After a bit of a wander, we settled on Vietnamese and Thai food at Ginger.  What could be a more perfect venue to discuss a book about colonization in the Congo?

My shrimp and calamari!
Marta and Makeda both had this coconut mushroom tofu soup.

Judy's chicken and shrimp on pad thai.

As we ate, we settled into a discussion about the book.

Only 2.5 book club members admitted to actually reading this book.  Marta had made a valiant attempt by listening to the audio book.  The poor accents by the reader got the best of her and she was unable to finish it.

My review of the book went something like this, "If this was the first book I ever read, I would probably never read another book again."  I didn't think much of this book and had fun teasing Makeda about that fact.

She loved the book so much that she has read it TWICE.   Makeda had high praise for Conrad.  English was not his first language and yet he was able to write beautifully (in her opinion) in a narrative style.  She loved being told a story and felt as though she was there with the narrator.

Our conversation went from the book to Maxine's work to her baby (due any day now) to autism to child killers to serial killers to next month's book Jeannette Walls' The Glass Castle.

John's phone.
I can't remeber why, but at some point, Marta put this phone on the table.   She's been carrying around her husband's cell phone for a while.  Makeda called it vintage.  I miss my old simple, uncomplicated Nokia.

Thankful for book club Fridays!


Krystal said...

my first cell phone was a nokia...and it was by far, the best i've had!! i'm thinking of starting a bookclub, so this was fun to read =)

AzadehG said...

If the numbers and letters have almost rubbed off from use, then it's DEFINITELY a vintage phone! :)
P.S. The food looks awesome!

Tima said...

I had to read it twice in high school and once for Woman in Lit (even though there are only 2 woman in the book) in Uni. I still don't think I ever finished it.

Anonymous said...

wow - there are less buttons than single digit numbers on that phone!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

HofD is one of my very favorite books ever-
The food looks amazing-
Others NOT reading the book is the main reason I can never join a book club- again.
I was in one in Toronto, in one in Detroit and coincidentally a friend left a message for me last night asking me if I wanted to join her's- meeting tomorrow-

Phoenix Peacock said...

Oh I loved Heart of Darkness. Its the beginning that is so awful. It has been a long time since I read it but I remember thinking that I hated it until I realized how much I was talking about it with my friends and family... haha. Then by the half way mark I was hooked and fell in love with the rest. Plus, I had really cool art as response work to it...

Claire Kiefer said...

HIlarious (about the phone), and hilarious (about your book review, ha!). I admit that I have never read Heart of Darkness . . . I was a kid who took three EXTRA English classes in high school, then majored in English in college, and then did a master's degree in creative writing . . . and it is embarrassing how many classics I haven't read. I know I *should* read HoD, but I also know that it just won't be my thing . . . and so I stick to contemporary novels. :)

Johnny said...

Long live my dumb phone! It's better than it looks and it even survived a trip through the washing machine - four years ago!

Thanks for the great blog, Faiza.

bklyn76 said...

sorry i missed book club, but i'll admit, i didn't read the book either.

it's funny that marta carries any cell phone, since, whenever i need to get in touch with her, i just contact her hubby! ;)

btw, you're on a great blog roll! :)

Mrs.B said...

Shout out to John...I swear by my motorola razor...even though, I got the new, hipper touch screen phone.

PS...I could not make it through this book either, of course it was several years ago. Do you think I should try it again?

Micaela said...

EVERYTHING about this post made me so happy! :) how i miss meet ups with my girlfriends because only with them can a conversation go from babies to serial killers in a snap ;) ha!

lord, i kept my "vintage" phone FOREVER! i love it's user friendliness and for the longest time i called it my "barbie phone."

isn't it funny that you can feel so differently about a book that meant something to someone else? one of my blog friends called "eat pray love" boring and yet for me it CHANGED MY LIFE.

to each his own, yes? :)

y'all will LOVE "glass castle!"

ps. as i type this i am watching my Rangers kick some Yankee bum!!! whooooooo!

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