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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Guestbook Project - Part 2

Postcards are coming in from around the world for Naaz and Kushan's wedding guestbook.  You can read about this project here.  Thank you to everyone who is collecting postcards and sending their love from all over the world!

My Munira and Saira took a quick weekend trip to Chicago and brought back these two beauties.
The reflection of this skyline in the water is gorgeous.  The city girl in me feels very comforted looking at this postcard.

Wrigley Field!  One day I hope to watch a baseball game here while chewing on some Juicy Fruit!  I've got my eye on this postcard...I think I may use it for my own guestbook entry at Naaz and Kushan's wedding.

Generous Erin, whom I've only just met, asked if she could contribute to the guestbook.  She promptly sent this refreshing view from Victoria and reminded me of the wonderfully diverse Canadian landscape. Thank you to my fellow Canuck!
A vintage art card from Krystal in Switzerland.  She makes me wanna live way outside my pocketbook with all the great finds that she posts.

Thankful to you ladies for playing along!


Erin said...

I love the vintage Lucerne postcard. So great! Have I ever told you about my postcard wall at work? I'll have to find the post on my blog so you can see... I've probably got 100 postcards pinned up. Makes me happy to look at it and see all the places I've either been or would love to go one day.

I'm glad you liked my Victoria postcard!

Megan said...

I have a letter ready to go to you so will make sure that I include some postcards.

Naaz said...

YAY!!!!! Thank you to Faiza and all your lovely friends for all their help with the guestbook!!!

Krystal said...

how fun that you're posting them!

tez said...

Oh my goodness - how did I miss that last post about the project?? I've got heaps of NZ postcards left over from our wedding reception, so I'll pop them into the next letter I send you. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I have many many many coming your way from all over the place! :)

rachel awes said...

i love the world coming together
in every form...bring on these postcards!
& much love to you, my friend.

Meghan said...

This is such an awesome project! And the Chicago postcards - holla! When you come to a game at Wrigley, you must let me know!

heather yalin said...

Yay for all of your postcard booty!!! :) That Luzern one is pretty darn awesome!

Mrs.B said...

Just making sure you still need some...have many to send!


...but you have to promise to post pics of the big day when it happens!

Sarah & James said...

Hey Faiza,

What a fun idea! Let me know where to send the postcards to and I will send you a few from Manchester!


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