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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meeting Isaac

I am in lurve and pleased to have you meet my nephew Isaac.  For our first date, he welcomed me by projectile peeing a beauiful arch of liquid all over his crib and spitting up on me throughout the day.  So, basically, he pretty much likes me too.  I retaliated to his outpouring of affection with a zerbert to the belly.

Our first kiss.

Isaac is quite talented.  He showed off his aquatic skills later in the day at swimming class.
 With his Daddy Aneez.

Wondering why the paparazzi followed him to swim class.

Apparently Isaac thought he was swimming up to the poolside bar.

Thankful for first kisses!


Claire Kiefer said...

AHHHHHH! He's adooooorable! I bet you are such a delighted (and delightful!) auntie right now, and I can't wait to hear about your continued adventures with this little love. More more more more pics please!

Rashida kanji said...

Beautiful pictures Faiza! Always a pleasure to hear from you.Kahzmir told me "Dadi fui went to Thaomas blue round store" He waso excited! LOve you.Have a great time.

Love you lots.

Felicity said...

Well, hello there handsome baby! I love how he's totally engaged with the camera in each shot. He looks so laid back too. : )

Phoenix Peacock said...

hahaha, what a cutie patootie. and obviously so full of personality!

Melanie Jane said...

the pictures are beautiful!

Kirsten said...

Soooooo adorable!!! No wonder you're in luurve! :-)

Tima said...

Have a great time with Isaac. He's lucky to have an aunt like you!

bklyn76 said...

oh em jee, those rolls are delectable! he looks so squishy and scrumptious! can't wait to read more about the adventures of isaac and faiza! xo

Marz said...

Such a beautiful, beautiful baby!!!! I am SOOO happy you are getting to spend some time with sweet Issac. Your first kiss together warms my heart :) I just want to cuddle with him, he's just so precious! Love the photos of him and his happy papa!

Meghan said...

Ok, I am dying over these pictures, especially the last one! He is such a little smush! I am so happy for you and your family - what a bundle of joy!

Lisa said...

I love his expression in the first photo, while you're zerberting him--What a lucky guy to have you as his Aunt!!

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