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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Night in Chicago!

Last night, Aneez and I parted ways with these two beauties and headed to his work Christmas party in Chicago.

Vanessa and Isaac at lunch in Wagamama.

Okay, I am exaggerating, the party was in Farnborough but it WAS a 20s themed Chicago party.  It had all the necessary elements.  Jazz, vintage cars and show girls!

There were even some gangsters in the crowd!
Aneez and his breadstick cigar.

We shared a delicious meal with Aneez's hilarious co-workers which included a trio of desserts featuring bubblegum ice cream with Pop Rocks in it!  Then the dance floor opened up, one of the walls suddenly came down and behind it was a Twister ride and bumper cars!  So Chicago 20s right?

Not the best ride to go on after a delicious dinner...but so much fun!

Aneez was driving like a mad fool!  
Perfectly acceptable conduct for bumper cars!

With the amusment park rides in full swing, the Chicago 20s theme went a little to the wayside.  The jazz band disappeared and a great DJ filled in.  
Can you guess which Bon Jovi song I'm rocking out to?

Thankful for American getaways in Europe!


Felicity said...

You crack me up! You're rocking out to Dead or Alive?

Melanie Jane said...

Hope you got your swing on! Such Fun -- so can we do one here next year! I promise to help raise the money!

Such fun!

Claire Kiefer said...

Hahaha you are so cute!!! And so is your brother, and Vanessa, and for the next month, no blog post is complete without a baby Isaac picture. I love that little face in today's picture!!! He's scrumptious and I just want to squeeze him and cuddle with him . . . sooooo sweet. This party sounds like a blast, too!

Meghan said...

Girl, I almost died! I literally just said to myself "I cannot believe Faiza is in Chicago and she didn't let me know"! Just shows you how much I'd love to hang with you someday!

Anyway, that party looks like a complete BLAST! It is 20's Chicago INDEED!

tez said...

Livin' on a Prayer. :) Looks like it was a ton of fun and hope you're having a great time on your holiday! xox

Marz said...

Def "Livin' on a Prayer!" Has to be :) You are SO beautiful Faiza! What a fun, fun time! You totally had me at the beginning - I was like "wait, Chicago?!?! Is this an old post from before she left?! And when did she go to Chicago??" hahaha :) Love the photos!

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