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Friday, December 31, 2010

Snail Mail Tale - Thank You 2010!

My final Snail Mail Tale of 2010 is the perfect time to express how grateful I am to all of you who brighten up my mailbox with your letters, humour, friendship and cheer.  It is a small world out there with so many lessons to be learned.  Thank you for all you have taught me and opened my mind to.  Wishing you all a year ahead filled with love, laughter, family, friends, happiness and lots of goodies in your mailbox.  Thank you Felicity for this post.

Lisa and I have a unique and very special snail mail relationship. We send each other songs of gratitude.  Her latest to me was the Golden Girls theme song, Thank You For Being a Friend.
One of Lisa's homemade cards.

If I had a Christmas tree, this would have been the perfect ornament.  The photo in the bottom right corner is a magnet!

A lovely note and some hilarious Betty White magnets.  THANK YOU Lisa!

Gorgeous envie from Bianca.  I love seeing how she writes my name differently with each letter that arrives.  You can download labels illustrated by this generous gal here.
Inside Bianca's envelope was her very first zine.  
If you love mail like I do, get your own copy.  You'll love it.  

Also included was a terrific letter from Bianca.

And lots of paper goodies including a Baby-sitters Club Jessica Ramsey card!  Too cool!

Newlywed Micaela sent me a lovely note and some stamps that I am really excited to use.  In it she asked me who my girl crushes were.  Hers is Penelope Cruz.  I've never really thought about it.   As I was admiring the envelope she made, which was peppered with glamourous Hollywood stars, I spotted Salma Hayek on the back. I'd have to say that she may be a crush.  She oozes intelligence.   I'll have to think about it some more.

A Postcrossing card from Moscow.

 Another hearty letter from Felicity.  She even made me my very own pink giraffe with a rainbow of spots!

 Mail from Claire delivered to me in Basingstoke!

Melanie sent this to me here in England during my last visit to the post office in Toronto.  I think she might have borrowed a pen from me to write on the back of the envelope, "You are actually with me at the post office right now!"

Christmas fun from me!

Looking forward to all the letters I get to write in 2011.  

Thankful today for 2010.  
 It has been a year of blessings around every dark corner and through each bright horizon.
Wishing you and those you treasure happiness for 2011.


Erin said...

Happy New Year, Faiza! Looking forward to sending and receiving letters with you this coming year! Here's to all the good things that 2011 holds.

tez said...

Happy New Year, my friend. Wishing you a year full of happiness, love and laughter. x

Melanie Jane said...

yup, did borrow the pen! Happy new year dear friend, it is going to be life changing I can feel it!

Rashida Kanji said...

Happy New Year Faiza.Hurry home soon! Missing you lots.
See you soon,
Love you ,Mom & Dad

Naaz said...

Happy New Year! When are you coming home, I miss you too much!

Felicity said...

Happy New Year Faiza! I hope you know how much you brighten my world!! I adore you and wish you an awesome 2011!!!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year, Faiza! You should have received something else in the snail mail from me this month...Let me know if you received it! I hope you did--I think you'll love it!

rachel awes said...

dear one, your mail box is such a bursting bouquet of blooms! happy new year to you w/lots of love! xoxox

Marz said...

Happy New Year my darling Faiza!! You have brought me so much joy this year and you were def one of the best parts of my 2010! I wish you so much love and joy this upcoming year xoxo

Mrs.B said...

My mail must seem so boring...LOL!
Hope you got the postcards for the wedding!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and were one of my fave new friends of 2010 and I wish a great 2011 for you!

Krystal said...

I LOVE how creative your guyss packages can get!

JenRem said...

Your mailman but hate you. But seriously, who cares because all of these wonderful gifts of mail are fabulous! You are one lucky, and loved, chick!

heather yalin said...

Happy 2011, beautiful Faiza!!!! Wishing you another loving and creatively enveloped year!

thepearlworld said...

Happy New Year!! I love the handmade envelopes! <3


Micaela said...

salma is a great choice! ;)

i love the pink giraffe and babysitters club-- oh we were fans!!!!

"claudia and the phantom caller" used to scare me!!! :)

miss you and sending you lots of hugs and sunshine-- you always bring it to me! xoxo

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