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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snail Mail Tale - Mouth on Fire!

This first Snail Mail Tale of 2011 is brought to you by the hilarious, hardworking and generous Steph.  She is so inspiring and the best thing about her is that she has no idea how much her friends admire her for her unwavering faith, the hard choices she makes every day, the amazing job she does as a single mom and her sense of humour. 

I received her package last night at the exact moment that I was procrastinating on writing some snail mail responses.  I decided that I would use the package as an incentive and that I wouldn't open it until I had written at least two letters.   Having completed the task at hand, I tore into said package!  (For those of you expecting a letter from me...stay tuned!  I'm back!)

This is the super fun package that Steph sent! 
I loved that Justin Bieber was staring out at me!  And let's not forget the Happy Days font stickers!
Steph is so creative.  I love how she used the stalkerish (in the cute way) cut out magazine words to foreshadow what was inside the package...

The anticipation builds...

Under a layer of wrapping, there was this note from Steph.

This lovely drawing from her son Zackary. I love the flowers with the happy face sticker heads.

Zackary's Christmas tree in March.  I think the ornaments might be Easter eggs.

Another note from Steph.

VOILA! Behold the gems inside.  Hot Fries!  Hot Fries for me!
Steph talks about Hot Fries all the time.  They are her breakfast of choice.  Any edible item with the word fries in the title is desirable in my book! (Even if the prime ingredient in this treat was corn...)  Steph was so wonderful to send two large bags all for moi!  

And now my mouth is on fire...but it was so worth it!



Micaela said...


a.) one should said chips as a staple to their diet
b.) snail mail is the BEST but especially because i personally know and adore steph :) and i adore you
c.) zack's drawings!!!! ENOUGH SAID :)
d.) beiber fever!!! hahaha


Phoenix Peacock said...

this is too cute. what an anticipation build up!

Stephanie said...

I guess I went a little crazy with the decorating of the package! All that build up for just 2 bags of chips! Haha. Thank you for the sweet blog! :)

Design Elements said...

cute! lovely greetings

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