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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whose Idea Was That?

Last night, Sheba and I worked off our delicious Thai dinner while perusing my favourite used bookstore BMV.  I love to browse the bargain bin out front and buy books from my childhood.  The bin is single handedly responsible for bringing Ramona Quimby and Judy Blume back into my life.  Yesterday I came across some real treasures!

Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death
Is this title for real? I might not be the target demographic for this book but...really?

Angels Don't Know Karate
Says who?
And why are these kids gawking in awe instead of protecting their eyes from the shards of broken wood heading their way?

 Embracing Your Big Fat Ass
If I emerged from a shiny white stretch limo in the middle of Manhattan with those legs, that dress and those shoes, I'd be embracing my big fat ass too.  

 When Love Gets Tough: The Nursing Home Decision
 Not to make light of what is a very serious situation but this cover art is hilarity.  The prominent rose in the foreground and dated photo in the background really bring it home don't they?

Naked Brunch
Werewolf chick-lit-romance! This genre is so often over looked.  Thank goodness for the furry foot in the sexy red pumps on Sparkle Hayter's book cover to pull a book lover in!  Love the pen name!

It's so much fun judging a book by it's cover!


Bianca J said...

I loved your commentary and giggled a lot :D

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Ha! This totally made me laugh, Faiza! Love it.

Tima said...

Ok, so when you're done wit the Naked Brunch, care to send it this way???? Sounds intriguing.

Claire Kiefer said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I looooooved this post! And it's okay: the nursing home book is hilarious. I mean . . . the title, the rose, all of it. And the idea that at some point, someone bought that book. Man oh man.

Embracing your big fat ass! What on earth?!?!

Soooo happy you stopped to snap shots of these treasures and share them with us. They're real gems!

Krystal said...

i hope you got the fat ass book, that is so funny :)

Kirsten said...

love it!

bklyn76 said...

OMG, i almost spit my coffee all over the keyboard reminiscing about all that lovely literature we came across!

Marz said...

OMG Faiza you crack me up!!!!!! :) I too wish to have a copy of the Naked Brunch ahahahaha :)

I absolutely love Judy Blume! It instantly takes me back to my adolescence :)

Mrs.B said...

hahahaha...I loved them all...I think my eldest child had the "ninja-angel" book.

The nursing home dilema book...needs a new cover!

Looking on amazon for the embracing myBFA book. I gots to have it!

Simply Me said...

What a hilarious post ..the fat ass book ..Gawdd you described it so well ..great post once again :D

Melanie said...

The Adventures of Faiza and the BMV -- you find such great little gems!! love the furry foot!

Micaela said...

LOL you made me giggle! :) awesome.

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