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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bucket List - Adele

Do you have a bucket list?

I've been slowly building one and last night I got to cross something off my list!  Naaz and I went to see Adele in concert.  It was unforgettable.

We started the evening with Kushan and had dinner and drinks at the Real Sports Bar and Grill.  This place is so fun!  The energy is amazing!  There are 200 tvs, one of which is two storeys tall! 

The Civil Wars opened up for Adele.  Micaela introduced me to them.  Through the magic of BBM, I was able to record "Poison and Wine" and send it to her.  It was so fun, like we were listening to them together.   I only wished I had recorded their cover of "Billie Jean."  I giggle just thinking about it.

The first time I ever heard Adele, Katee and Joshua were running across the stage to the song "Hometown Glory" on So You Think You Can Dance.  I was so struck , that I couldn't watch.  I turned away from the tv but Adele's voice was still there.  Thank goodness for my PVR!  I ended up watching them dance over and over again and thinking that Adele's had one of the most honest voices I heard in such a long time. She opened her show with this song and I didn't look away for a moment.  In the picture above, she is singing "Don't You Remember."  The waterproof mascara was such a saviour for this one!

She ended the night with" Someone Like You."  Naaz held me through that one and I let every bit of love in my heart pour out through my tears.  Then we heard "Rolling in the Deep" and after a big exhale we walked home in the rain and wind. It was a perfect night.  Perfect.

So there's a check off the bucket list.  Tomorrow night, I will tackle it again when I head to Detroit with my bestie to see Bill Cosby!  Mel and Dayna (who I am so excited to meet) are meeting us there.  Back when we booked the tickets, Mel said, "I wonder what sweater he'll wear?"  Stay tuned...I'll let you know.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Looks like it was a fabulous concert. Have fun seeing Bill Cosby! Get a photo of that sweater!

Megan said...

Oh I love bucket lists, I really need to write my own. So glad you had an amazing time her voice is amazing!

Kirsten said...

I'm new to Adele, but love her voice... glad you got to check that one off your list!

Felicity said...

I LOVE Bill Cosby!! He lives in the same town that I lived in during high school and his kids went to the same dentist as me. I hope you have a blast!!!

Micaela said...

oh faiza, i loveeeed every bit of this post!!! adele... wow, i can just imagine and CIVIL WARS. thank you for letting me experience it through the wonders of technology. it was so special! THANK YOU!!!! (btw, i have to look up said cover of "billie jean" one of theeeee best songs of all time!)

and cosby?! ahhhh i wish i could go!

<3 adore you!

Claire Kiefer said...

Man . . . Someone Like You would have had me bawling as well. Don't You Remember is pretty incredible, too. I want to see her!!! Gonna check out her tour dates stat.

Glad you're making bucket-list progress! I haven't ever made one, but there are always things I want to do/accomplish. :)

Also: SO GLAD you're back to blogging!

Krystal said...

i've been listing to rolling in the deep so much lately, this makes me so so jealous!!!!! i'm glad you had fun!

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