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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bucket List - Bill Cosby!

Hooray for another dent in the bucket list!  I finally got to see Bill Cosby live!  Many thanks to my bestie Shafik and new friends Mel and Dayna who shared the experience with me. 

I've been trying to make this happen for the last year and a half.  Every Monday, I faithfully checked Bill's webiste for upcoming gigs.  One Monday, while I happened to be in Vegas with my bestie, I saw that Bill had a gig coming up in Detroit.  A four and a half hour drive was the closest he would be to me for the next year.  Shafik and I decided we would go!  Since we were going to pass through Windsor to get there we asked Windsorite Iain, my sister-in-law Vanessa's brother, and his fiancee Mel to join us.  Iain passed but Mel jumped at the chance as did her friend Dayna.  Mel even offered to bring the Jell-o Pudding Pops!

3 months later we all met up in Detroit for the show.  Mel took us to Greektown where we tried alligator bites and had a decadent meal at Fishbone's.  Two thumbs up for this yummy place!

After dinner, in the midst of a food coma, we braved the short walk over to the Astoria Pastry Shop which was filled with sugary treats.
Sweet pretzels!

Chocolate mice!

Shafik and I decided to try and eat Peanut Butter Mud Pies.  They were really scrumptious but after our amazing dinner we couldn't even finish one between the two of us. Next time we're in Detroit, we'll start at the bakery and then head to Fishbone's.

With bellies full, Mel steered us towards the MotorCity Casino.  She was determined to get us there despite the many one way streets in downtown Detroit and perhaps a few inconveniently placed medians which were no match for her.  We arrived at to the casino safe and sound and headed to the theatre to see Bill.

Mel, me, Dayna and Shafik! We're going to see Bill!

 Waiting for Bill...


And then the lights went out and there was Bill.  I'm pretty sure a cross between a squeal and a shreak came out of my mouth.  I was so happy!  There was no introduction needed as the audience rose to their feet for a standing ovation while Bill flashed his trademark mischevious smile.   Donned in a long sleeve t, jogging pants and Crocs, he was hilarious as ever even without one of his trademark colourful sweaters.  At 73, Bill shared his experiences as a husband, his views on marriage and relationships and the origins of the battle between men and women with his take on the story of Genesis.  For me, the best parts of the night were watching his various expressions. If you are a fan of Bill, Cosby you know what I mean.  I tried to capture as many of them as I could with a shaky hand from all the laughter.  

I love this expression indicating Bill has either just gotten away with something or is about to deliver the punch line.
Mischevious Bill! 
Bill's expressive fingers and hands are an important part of his story telling.  No one chronicles a story quite like him.  To make a point he always injects the right amount of back story, repetition and physical comedy. 

One of my favourite things about Bill Cosby is the way he is genuinely appalled by simple human behaviours and interactions.
Bill aghast!

When Bill is right about something his gestures are huge!  He wants you to know that he knows you know he is RIGHT!  Here is one of his  most memorable poses!  He uses this same gesture to express solidarity.  On this particular evening, this gesture was meant for all the men in the audience whose wives seek to take offense when they nap on the couch.
Solidarity Bill!

Throughout his public career as an actor and comedian, Cosby has always been an activist.  At the moment, his heart's work is improving the education system in the US and encouraging young people to seek higher learning.  This comes as no surprise to me.  I've always seen Bill Cosby as someone who is so generous of heart and spirit.  Someone who truly wants people to be the best that they can be.  Someone who uses humour to gently remind us that we can do better.  My absolute most favourite expression of his is the one below.  I love the way his hands are open to receive love and laughter. 
Sharing joy, receiving love.

If I get the chance to see Bill again, I will definitely take it!  Next up on the bucket list...listening to Maya Angelou...stay tuned!


Micaela said...

oh man, to have gone with you... is it possible that it would have been 5 things off my bucket list?! that's how BIG the moment would have felt ;)

amazing!!!! i loveeee the captured facial expressions. :) i'm sorry he wasn't wearing a sweater for you! haha

ps. and those sweets? wowza!!! <3

Claire Kiefer said...

So awesome! I have no doubt that he was hilarious in person and I'm so happy that you got to see him. Things like that are totally worth the drive. Alligator bites!! OMG.

Tima said...

Sounds like a great day. Amazed how you're ticking things off your Bucket List

Phoenix Peacock said...

You have been really doing so many awesome things! I have to admit, the concert turned me a bit green with envy. What an awesome list you have and even awesomer (yup I use words like that!) is that you are crossing items off (and at a rapid pace too)

Felicity said...

I smiled through this post, you did a great job conveying the joy and happiness! You're going to remember seeing him for the rest of your life - he's a legend!!!! : )

Naaz said...

i found this for you!!

sheba said...

sounds like so much fun! :) your post brought back so many memories of growing up with bill.

Megan said...

You are doing so well with your bucket list! Glad you had a good time, all the food looks so delicious. Chocolate mice, yum!!
I love the comment you made on my blog, about the view from my bush walk. Food for thought!

Meghan said...

Delicious treats and Bill? Sounds like the perfect evening!

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